Sunday, March 25, 2012

Booth at Super Prep Fair At UVU Events Center

I have a booth for my business, "Mrs. Seal's Kitchen Cultures", at the Super Prep Fair April 6 & 7 in Utah County on the UVU campus Events Center. It is a fee event and I don't know what the fee is right now, but this is going to be big with at least 85 vendors and speakers on subjects like, last days events, how to survive "off grid", about solar power and other alternative powers, cooking with food storage, watching the signs of the times and other timely and exciting topics related to TOETWAWKI or The Eend Of The World As We Know It. I will have a booth there and would like to see many people come and get a taste of raw milk and pasteurized milk kefir. This fair is sponsored by Roger K. Young and he usually is the main speaker on Saturday evening. I went to this event last year and learned a whole bunch. See you there?!