Monday, February 14, 2011

Healthy Nonsense

I've thought about this blog for a long time. The title comes from my son Casey who is married now and has a most beautiful baby girl named, Gemma. Children usually poke fun of their parents at some point in their lives especially if the parents provide the stimulus and most parents do. I am such a parent and my sons took their turns poking fun of me and all my "healthy nonsense". I certainly poked fun of my parents, God rest their souls, when they were doing weird things to get healthy. So I thought I'd share some of my nonsense. I start with the oldest and wisest; praying over food.

Prayer over food started with my parents and really is not nonsense, in fact it is really smart. I believe that the smartest people are those that believe in Jesus Christ and God the Father and pray many times a day to God, for all kinds of things like; protection, healing, safety, for the well being of others and for food. Prayers including gratitude are very powerful. I taught my sons to pray and they would agree that prayers, any kind, are not nonsense.

However, living without microwave they would say is really silly. Nonetheless, we live very well without a microwave. We've had several over the years, but I was finally convinced that the "waves" disrupt and destroy the "chi" or "life force" of foods and water, which
gentle heating and cooking does not so much. We use small convection ovens to reheat foods and to do some cooking. The loss of convenience isn't really a bother. We believe that food is just better without microwave heating. I haven't researched this, but I'll bet there is a whole lot of information out there about the dangers of microwave cooking.

A small bag of "prills" with instructions.

"Prill water" is a recent addition to our daily routine. Two years ago we made the acquaintance of a couple who had just purchased a Kangan water purifier for about $4,500 and they wanted to sell us one, so they kindly delivered some high alkaline water to us to try out. We liked the taste and results of high alkaline water and considered a purchase but the price was really too high for us. About that time, a product came to my attention online from a company out of Nevada that cost only $15 and was supposed to change water from it's normal 6.5 -7 ph to 8.5 or higher and would last for years! We bought a bag of "prill" magnesium crystals and put them in a gallon size glass jar and after waiting 24 hours, poured off about 3 quarts of 8.5 ph water. The chlorine gas that the city purifies the water with, evaporated off and we had great tasting "prill water" to drink, cook with and water plants and cat with. It's been 2 years and we have the same bag. I test the water every now and then and the water comes off as 8.5 and higher if we leave for a few days. By testing I mean that I "muscle test" the tap water and then the "prill water". Both the glass container and the polycarbon container on the counter with spigot that we use as holder have never needed cleaning for calcium and mineral build up or moldy growths.

Green Soap and Lotion.

"Green Soap " Master's Miracle ll green soap, neutralizer and lotion have been part of our personal hygiene for many years. My sister Janet introduced me to it maybe 20 years ago and I stopped using most other commercial soaps. What Perry and I have found the most useful is using a drop or two to brush our teeth with. Since using it as mouth and teeth cleaner, we do not get those irritating gum infections. This soap does not let the bad bacteria live. I can't remember the last time I had a gum infection but I do remember before using this soap how annoying those were. We use it for bathing too. I use the neutralizer when traveling and away from my "prill water". A few drops in my bottle of city tap water and let sit for an hour, takes care of any bad guys in the water and increases the ph of the water. The body lotion is healing and I mix it with a good moisturizer for my face. Love, love these products. Again, a good product that the original compounder claims was revealed to him from God, but is still cheap enough for regular people to buy and use, and my own many years experience with it, tells me that it is what it claims to be ...a miracle.

A deodorant crystal.

Salt crystal for deodorant. Doesn't matter what brand. When I bought my first one several years ago at the health food store, I was looking for an alternative for underarm antiperspirant. The epidemic of breast cancer had me really concerned and I reasoned that if a product was going to stop the flow of sweat then where did those body toxins go? I stopped using antiperspirant and went only for deodorant but the oder still persisted. Once I started using this salt crystal, the body oder stopped. A few months later, I stopped using it after showers and baths just to see what would happen..... it took a few days but the oder was back. I haven't used anything else now for years and I have the same original crystal! I believe the salt crystal you put on wet, kills body oder bacteria.

A few of Young Living's essential oils that we use.

Essential oils; No home should be without them! When I married 4 years ago, my husband had an account with Gary Young's company, "Young Living". I have that account now and we order something every month (mlm online automatic ordering). I don't sell the oils or make a business out of it like a whole lot of other people do, but we do use them and give them away to family or anyone who wants to try them. They are truly amazing. Wouldn't be without them. It does take training to use them and the study of essential oils is a worthwhile effort. We know a little about them and use them successfully on ourselves and others but there is so much to learn about them. We have a text book that Gary Young published a few years ago that we reference. Oils have been around for centuries, maybe millennial but not till recently have they been promoted widely thanks to Gary Young, and others and now there are a few more companies selling them. My friend Mona Merz is in with a company called Do'terra and it seems to be a very fine company as well. Readily available essential oils are evidence to me that a caring God knows our needs and knows we need alternative healing devices and products because these are the "last days" and we are living in toxic, stressful times.

My small stainless steel fry pan and my old, well used large iron frying pan.

stainless steel cookware; Don't know when I gave up aluminum cook wear, probably way back because I remember my mother throwing away all aluminum cook ware. That was in the 60's so even then there was talk about the possible dangers of cooking in aluminum pots. But then in the 70's Teflon cooking pans came out and they were all the "rage" and I bought some. They were aluminum frying pans coated with Teflon surface so food wouldn't stick. They were wonderful to work with and clean up was really easy but after a few months the Teflon surface started to break up and expose the aluminum underneath and I thought, that wasn't good. So I threw out all my Teflon pans and went for iron to fry pans. I had been using stainless steel pots for cooking soups stews and cereal. Have been using iron and stainless steel and glass for many years now.

no hair color; My genetic heritage from my mother's side, her name being "Buie" which in old Gaelic means the white haired ones, meant that me and my sisters and cousins all started turning grey very early in life. I started in my 20's. I became a regular buyer of hair coloring products. I tried them all.....every 6 weeks or so. I started with dark browns, then medium browns then a mixture of browns; I even tried a redish color for a few months. Then I used dark blond for a few years in my 50's and med and lite blond and finally at 58 gave it up entirely. Wasn't sorry. My white hair was really lovely. (My mother married at age 33 was completely white in 1945 and she was beautiful). When I started the blood type diet about the same time, some of my hairs in back started to go dark again which surprised my hair stylist of 11 years. She said she had never seen hair go darker in an older woman....I was the first. My silver hair did not discourage my husband's interest in me either. He said it wasn't the hair so much, as the healthy blue color of my eyes. He said he was looking for a woman who was healthy and could cook!
I gave up hair color because of the hassle, but am finding out that hair coloring agents also pose a health risk, so it was a good decision.

Tai Chi; I know a little. I was fortunate enough 10 years ago to learn some indirectly from a 15 yr. old Chinese boy who was living with Master Lou of Salt Lake City, and he was attending the private school I was teaching math at. For one year I taught 3 different preparations of math at this private school in Murray. I had no business teaching math, but I needed a job and they were desperate for a math teacher. Part of my teaching was also to teach 3rd and 4th graders Tai Chi one period a day. I didn't know Tai Chi but this boy was learning from the Master. So he would show me a move in front of the gymnasium and I would then mimic him and then teach the children. We did that for a whole school year. I learned part not all of the movements of the Shulon tradition, but just that part has served me well for a decade. Now I do the routine maybe once a week and I play this wonderful Zen music with it. It's one of the things I love to do to keep flexible and pliant.

Our 2 yr. old, hand held Q Laser.

low level laser; Q Laser is it's product name and we have had ours for over 2 years now. I wouldn't be without it but again we don't sell them because they are pricey. We want our neighbors and family to use it whenever they have a need. We use the laser on aches and pains that we don't have clear remedies for. It is really helpful for pulled ligaments, bone aches and sore muscles. I like to use it on my eyes, for the rare headache and gut sluggishness. If I had a tumor somewhere I would use Q Laser on that along with other protocols. I also use it on my teeth when they start to get sensitive to temperature or pressure. The man who invented it, is a dentist and he and his daughter use it to numb tooth nerves in their dentistry. It has a rechargeable battery that is easy to recharge and the laser modes are strong and effective. Love the Q Laser! Look up Larry Lyttle of South Dakota or Q Laser.

Two of Dr. Dadamo's books I use the most.

Blood type diet: I've written about this very early in my blog. To recap, I am an O+ which means that I am very primitive...the oldest blood type and a carnivore. Red meat is my food with lots of veggies and a few nuts, beans and fruits but carbs, both simple and complex are my downfall. I also have a variety of fish and poultry to chose from. When I am very compliant with this diet I do very well. When I eat too many sweet things, including avoid fruits and too many starchy things I gain weight, loose energy, get constipated, don't sleep well and generally don't' feel good. Wheat is particularly difficult for my system. I avoid it. I used to have rheumatoid arthritis in knees and knuckles when I ate whole own stone ground home baked bread. I don't have it now and it cleared up when I gave up wheat. The Blood Type Diet, developed by Peter J. Dadamo is the basis for our diet. My husband is a B and has similar food lists with a few avoids that I don't have. He also is off wheat but uses spelt which is similar but not like the super hybridized wheat that is so common in our food culture. I can't say enough good about this diet. If I hadn't started it when I did and been at least 80% compliant with it, my health would be very bad now and I would be having knee surgeries and who knows what else. We are grateful to pioneers like Peter J. Dadamo and many others for their contributions to today's health.

This is the biggest of my 3 Kombucha (fermented green or regular tea) fermenting jars.

Fermenting: or culturing is the art of "indoor farming" of friendly bacteria, which is a recent healthy hobby I have acquired. It is so beneficial and enjoyable that I teach it whenever I can and give seminars about it at our local store, Real Foods Market where I buy raw milk. I culture and nurture, kefir bacteria, kombucha bacteria , sourdough yeasts and I harvest lactobacillus from goat yogurt to ferment, preserve and pickle some select vegetables. Fermentation is a hard one for my family and they don't often taste or eat any of my microbe products. That's OK, I eat them and enjoy the benefits of healthy intestinal flora and better more robust health.

"muscle testing" for health; This practice I learned from my friend,Mona Merz, who is an "Energy Healer". I have tremendous respect and admiration for the knowledge and experience she has acquired in a very short time. Her work is highly respected and effective. She and I consult with each other often because we are good friends. I do the "food" thing and she does the "energy" thing and we compliment each other's work. She taught me how to "muscle test". It's simple.....first you have to acknowledge that there is a part of you, your thinking and feeling that is "smarter" than your conscious mind. Some call this part, the "higher self", or the subconscious, or the soul or the spirit or.....whatever. Just acknowledge that some part of you is very wise and very smart. Once you do that, then you can calibrate your mind to "lock" your hand muscles when you try to put a finger or thumb on the opposite hand, through a hole you form with index finger and thumb of hand that is going to do the "locking".

I calibrate my mind, and practice like this; "Higher mind", please" lock" my fingers if I ask for an answer to a question about my health that is true....meaning ; yes, this is good, this is true keep it. If the answer to my question about my health is no, then "unlock" my fingers and let my thumb go, meaning; no, this is not good for me, or this is false, let it go, don't keep it.
After a short time of practice and asking only yes/no questions about your own body, your confidence in the practice increases and then you trust it. I have learned that my "higher self" will not lie to me. I can protect myself from eating bad food; being poisoned or simple not buying a certain supplement when another is better.
Practitioners like my friend Mona, use this technique on other people as part of their practice but she has been trained and has a lot of integrity. I only do this for myself or my husband when he gives his permission.

Bio-Identical Hormones; Wow! was this a wonderful thing to discover.
When I married my wonderful husband 4 years ago I was concerned that my body parts after a decade of being single, and on the quiet end of menopause, would function properly. I had a medical exam and sure enough my parts were in process of atrophying. The doctor wrote out a prescription for the standard "birth control" and sent me on my way. But I figured there was something better than that old standard pharmaceutical. Especially since a very damning report about the failure of pharmaceutical birth control to prevent heart attacks had been recently released. I have forgotten when that report came out but there was no way I was going to start that drug stuff. I can't remember how I got onto bio-identical hormones but someone pointed me to a "compound" pharmacy in my area and they had names of doctors or nurse practitioners who prescribed these more natural hormones. I visited one and I have been seeing her for years now. Thanks to these hormones based on readout from blood tests, I do enjoy a "married woman's" life with my husband and I feel great and feel "normal". I would highly recommend this treatment for any woman who wants to shy away from Big Pharma.

Supplements; Lots and lots of them for both of us. The picture shows just a few of the ones we currently use. I'm not going to promote any particular brand because we change them often. However, when Dr. Dadamo started to formulate some supplements based on blood type a few years ago, those caught my attention. I have been ordering some of their supplements online for a few years now. I am pleased with their products but I like to look around and purchase different things at my HFS here in Orem. Perry also responds sometimes to radio ads for supplements. A couple of companies advertise on talk radio. Our collection is always changing but I do think supplements are needed today.

Rebounder; It's just a mini trampoline and I should bounce on it more than I do. When I have time in the morning, I do. I use the Q Laser with bouncing; do 2 things at same time. The most useful thing about the rebounder is that it helps move the lymph system which carries toxins to dumping points in the blood. It gets my whole system moving which is a very good thing in the morning. It helps oxygenate my blood and gets everything moving. Simple, easy excersize.

Square foot garden; Any kind of gardening is good. That is one of my garden boxes without any's March. For two summers now I have had bumper crops from that box and I plan on another bumper crop this September also. I used to garden more seriously when I was an at-home mommy in Detroit, Michigan. I haven't gardened for many years my excuse being that with teaching, the school year starts just as crops come on and I can't do much with my produce. But, with times changing and food getting more expensive, gardening just makes good sense.

Agressive food storeage; The time for serious, or agressive food storage may be just about over. Food prices are going to get higher and higher this summer and fall and some food storage is going to be absolutely neccessary, not nonsense any more. We have been working on our food storage ever since we got married. Last winter, my husband built me a really nice storage area with shelves in our basement and we have filled it up. Our goal is 1 year supply. I'd say we have a year supply of some things but not all. We have some freeze dried and dehydrated food in #10 cans for long term storage, and we have some canned food for short term and we have MREs for quick fixes. Just recently we were able to get work shifts at the Church cannery in Lindon, to can beef stew and beef chuncks. We work and then earn privilege to buy. I do some canning of home grown tomatoes, and salsa and some apricot and peach jam and I dry cherries and apricots. I also freeze some of my grown green beans. It's a modest investment but I'm getting reacquainted with the garden and my skills. On storing grains, I have been pretty picky. I do have some really old wheat, but haven't bought any the last few years. I bought spelt instead and sprouted spelt and wheat. Wheat is not good for my husband or me. I also have stored basmati brown rice and flour, some millet, some quinoa and lots of oats. We have dried beans too that are compliant for O and B blood types. We have water stored (not near enough) some supplements and spices and first aid items and paper products and some alternative cooking fuels and candles and batteries and juice and fats and oils. Those are; ghee, which I make, coconut oil and olive oil. We also have lots of nuts and seeds to eat, of course blood type specific. We have some canned and dried fruit. More is needed!

MMS; Miracle Mineral Solution. I have truly earned "nonsense" with this one. This solution when mixed and swallowed will kill any ANY pathogen known to man. Doesn't matter if the pathogen is parasite, bacteria or virus or any other nasty toxin, it will destroy it without harming living tissue or the friendly bacteria that are supposed to be in your gut. I learned about this a year and half ago and I researched it and found it to be exactly what it says it is....a miracle. Two solutions when mixed create a gas called chlorine dioxide that gets into your blood stream and annihilates all toxins and pathogens that it comes in contact with. I have been using it for over a year now and it has kept me cold and infection small thing when I am around many high school children 9 months of the year. I take a 6 drop dose 3 times a week for maintainence. If I feel something coming on, I up the doses for 3 days and the "thing" is gone. I trust it and have more of it in my storage. It tastes nasty just like medicine is supposed to, but confidence in our own ability to handle our own health needs has greatly increased and our goal of being self sufficient is closer. Look up Jim Humble and MMS online and research for yourself if the FDA hasn't shut down all information about it yet. Another thing, it costs about 17-22 dollars for one set of bottles or solutions depending on which website you go too. Mr. Humble lives in Mexico where he is free from the FDA.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stewed Plums (prunes) and Stevia

I have resurrected an old favorite of mine, stewed prunes. Sounds awful, but really it isn't. I was in my food storage room, moving items around taking inventory when I discovered an overlooked bag of prunes. The bag was not compromised in any way, but the prunes felt really hard. I thought these are too old to use and should be thrown out but I wondered if they could be softened up a bit. Then I remembered what I used to do with prunes in the 70's; I used to soak them in water and gently cook them with some lemon juice and sugar. So I opened the bag and took about 2 cups worth of prunes out and soaked them all day in 2 cups of water....prill or high ph water ( prill water super hydrates tissue). I warmed them up in a small stainless steel pot and kept the temperature on warm for a couple hours. When they cooled I added the juice of 1/2 lemon plus 3 drops of lemon essential oil. To sweeten them I used Sweetleaf plus, powdered stevia, about 1/2 tsp. They were so good, good as I remembered. (pictured is Sweetleaf liquid; the powdered stevia bottle I used up and threw away)

I've been using stevia a lot lately trying to come up with the perfect ratio of chocolate and stevia with no aftertaste. So I have several different brands of stevia on hand and now using this amazing stuff in my regular cooking. Sweetleaf seems to be a good brand with little or no aftertaste. Stevia is a no calorie, no carb sweetner that appears to have no side effects at all! But it is tricky to work with as some brands have a strong, bitter aftertaste.
I love my updated version of stewed plums or prunes or however you want to call them. Another bonus.....prunes still remedy constipation.

Cabbage, Kale and Carrots

I got my husband to eat cabbage! Cabbage is one of his beneficial foods but when I first married him, he refused to eat it so I have been on a minor crusade to find ways to get him to eat it. I found 3 ways actually, but this one is his favorite.

1/2 head of cabbage chopped
1/2 yellow onion sliced
1/2 bunch of Kale (dark leafy greens so alkaline and good for you) wash, chop up
2 carrots peeled and shredded
some Real Salt
1 tbs or more of ghee or olive oil

In a skillet, saute the onions until soft even longer to "caramelize" add the carrots, then the cabbage and kale. Keep a lid on the skillet on med heat to steam, but stir often until veggies are just tender. Add salt to taste and some garlic if you like. Serve hot It is also good cold the next day for lunch. It's like a hot salad. I love hot salads.

The other cabbage preparations that Perry will eat are; my own fresh sauerkraut ( see older, previous blog), cole slaw that I let sit for a couple hours with Real Salt on it drawing out the water, and then I drain it and add some apple cider vinegar sweetened with agave. It's about a 1 to 1 ratio. He will also eat cabbage in stews and soups now. My next project with him is beets.