Friday, November 20, 2015

Breakfast Pulse for Blood Type B

My husband is a blood type B and their legume list is short and not agreeable to mine so I formulate, store and cook his separately.

Grains for Bs are millet and oats (both are +).  I may include quinoa and any kind of rice which are neutral.   2 parts grain to 1 part legume.  The really good legumes for Bs are navy, red kidney and lima or butter beans.  The limas and kidneys are too big to crush in my wondermill, but navy beans crush up nicely and so do split peas.  So, I use crushed navy beans and split peas (which are neutral) in B formulation. 

2 parts grain combination: millet, oats and rice  to  1 part legumes combination:  navy beans and split peas.  

I measure out 1/2 cup dry pulse into a small pot and cover with 1 2/3 cup water in the morning and let soak all day.  In the evening, I start to cook it starting off hot and stirring but turn it down to simmer with lid. 

 I cook for 1/2 hour, stir, add 1/2 tsp. Real Salt and some coconut oil then place the pot with lid in my homemade thermal cook box for the night.  In the morning he gets the pot out, takes what he wants for breakfast adds cream, honey and nuts or raisins.   

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blood Type A and O Pulse for Breakfast

A lot of the ingredients for blood type A pulse are neutral for Os, so formulating a pulse for A & O marriage is easy and tasty.

The grains are: Amaranth a tiny little round seed that is a + for both blood types, oats not whole or rolled but cut, basmati brown rice, and millet can be used also.  2 parts mixed grain to 1 part legumes, crushed.  One of my followers said she used  double  old pillow cases together and put the legumes in it and smashed with a hammer.  I haven't tried this but don't why it wouldn't work at least for a few batches of smashing.

Legumes are: Adzuki beans; little dark red beans popular in Japan that color the cooked pulse a dark grayish purple, and black eyed peas.  Both these legumes are + for both A and O.  

Combine dry foods and maybe some chia and flax seeds in the right ratios in a large container. 

 8 hours or more, before eating, combine 1/2 cup dry food with 1 2/3 cup water in a cooking pot.  Soak at least 8 hours or more (to reduce phytic acid) and then cook.  Start high and hot but watch and stir it for about 5 minutes.  Turn heat down to simmer and place lid but stir every few minutes so to get the bottom parts up and even.

 Add 1/2 tsp.  Real Salt and some coconut oil.  It takes about  1 hr 20-40 minutes.   Or....if you have a "wonder box" or thermal cooker, use that after cooking on stove for 1/2 hr.  Using a thermal box overnight works wonderfully.  In the morning  pulse is done, warm and tender.  If hot enough, add a beaten egg for more protein.  
Add some soaked/dried  walnuts ( + for all blood types), some raisins, butter or cream and honey and raw milk.  Power house of nutrition and perfect day starter.   

Monday, November 16, 2015

Squash Pie in Graham Cracker Crust

I loved the squash pie that was a dessert choice at the True Food Restaurant in Newport Beach California when there for my niece's wedding reception end of October.   I did a google search and they posted the recipe and I tried it out...loved it!   Here is my version of it.  

I am also processing my own home grown meaty- green pumpkins and their unusual hybrids.  I cut a piece out of a pumpkin or squash and cook up just that piece and then taste it.  If it is sweet and good flavored, I do the work to clean out the rest of it, cook the flesh, blend it up and then freeze the puree  in quart or pint plastic containers for pies, cakes and soups.  So far have worked 3 of them.   One has no taste whatsoever and it was discarded but the other two were wonderful.

1 Pie crust;
1 package graham crackers, crushed...pulverized.  (gallon size zip lock bag and rolling pin).
2 TBS  almond butter or tahini
2 TBS  maple syrup
1 TBS  butter or virgin coconut oil
1 TBS water
Mix all ingredients and press into a pie dish

3 cups squash or pumpkin puree
2 eggs  (their recipe didn't have eggs, my addition)
1/2 cup natural or high mineral sugar
1/2  tsp. Real Salt
1/2  tsp.  ground ginger
1 tsp.  cinnamon
1/4  tsp. cloves
2 TBS  brandy but I used my own kombucha
3/4 cup coconut milk or cream
2  TBS  arrowroot powder

Blend ingredients well and carefully pour into lined pie dish.  Heat oven to 400 or 375 if your oven runs hot.  Bake 45- 60 minutes.   If the top of the crust is turning dark too fast, make a "foil ring" that fits the perimeter of your round pie to cover just the crust and leave center open to heat. Serve with real whipping cream  (no fake stuff here ) 

"Hoppin Jack" Black Eye Beans with Sausage; Good Blood Type O Food

Wish I had a picture but this is eaten so fast, I don't have time to think about a picture. 

Black eyed beans or peas are highly beneficial for blood type Os and As.   Here is my version of  "Hoppin Jack"......

1 1/2 cup dry black eyed beans, in enough water to soak and swell for a day.

Next day, drain beans and add 1 quart of chicken broth (your own bone broth would be even better) and a tsp. of Real Salt and bring to a boil, lower heat and cook a couple hours or until they are tender.  On a sunny day, these cook up nicely in my sun oven or a thermal cooker.  Add more water or broth as needed. 

While beans are cooking, fry up 1/2 lb. spicy sausage  or bacon in some olive oil or butter with.....
1/2 onion chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
1 carrot peeled and chopped
4-5 cloves of garlic chopped
Add meat and vegetables to the beans and continue cooking or add to a casserole dish with lid and bake about 1 hour at 300.  
Depending on your spice tolerance, you can add a couple serrano peppers seeded and chopped or a small can of green chili peppers or just some shakes of cayenne pepper.  Add more salt if needed.  
Serve with shredded cheese on top.  You can also add chunks of tube sausage to the beans before serving.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Joanne's Blood Type O Breakfast Pulse with Eggs

This pulse is my staple every morning...except Saturday mornings when I make sourdough pancakes.

I put together my pulse Sunday nights and cook enough to last me all week.

I have formulated my pulse based on the grains and legumes that are easy for a Blood Type O to digest.   I have made up 3  #10 cans of this pulse for my self and 3 cans for my Blood Type B husband.  I cook his separate.  We both thrive very well with our breakfast pulses. Flax and chia seeds are also added to both pulses. 

Mine uses  amaranth, basmati brown rice and steel cut oats for the grain.  I measure 2 parts of this mixture to one part legumes which are crushed adzuki beans and blackeyed peas.  

I crush the legumes with the steel burrs of my WonderMill Jr.  which is attached to a stationary exercise bicycle (see an older post called Peddle Grinder). 

Sunday nights, I measure out 1/2 cup of my dry pulse  in a small stainless steel pot with 1 2/3 cup water.  With lid in place it sits on the stove overnight to soak.  In the morning, I begin cooking it.  Hot at first and watched so it doesn't boil over, then I turn down the heat to warm with lid on.   It takes about an hour to cook to tender.   I will ocassionally stir it up from the bottom and add 1/2 tsp. Real Salt and a spoon of coconut oil.  

When done, I take part of this and eat it with an egg I've cooked slowly in my small iron fry pan with onions, mushrooms and green peppers.  

My cooked pulse looks kinda dark grey and purple because of the adzuki beans.  The pot stays in the fridge the rest of the week and I take out just enough every morning to go with my eggs in the small fry pan.   Some times I like to mix the egg with my pulse as they warm up.  I will mix in some soake/dried walnuts and more butter and some honey.   

This pulse meets a good share of my carbohydrate, mineral and protein needs for the day and the egg adds bonus nutrition.   I also like to have some raw milk kefir with this breakfast as a drink or a smoothie, or with some cut up fruit. 

No problem with constipation eating pulse everyday which is a problem for most O blood types. 

We do not eat pasta anymore, or any other wheat based commercial product.   I do make sourdough bread and it is good and tastes wonderful but it is not an everyday thing.  

Creamy Broccoli "Casserole" with Quick Pulse and Chicken Bone Broth

I will add picture later.  I made this dish last Tuesday and it was really filling and tasty and thick like a casserole but without the wheat pasta and cheese and cream of mushroom soup that I used to use years ago.

Quick Pulse is my invention.  It is 2 parts of white rice with one part crushed split peas (doesn't matter if peas are green or yellow).  My #10 can of this also has some flax and chia seeds.  It is "quick" because you do not have to soak it 8 or more hours to reduce phytic acid like with other whole grain pulses....because there is no outer bran or skin on the grain or seed where the natural phytic acid is.  This pulse cooks up in about 35 minutes which for me is fast.  It tastes good and is nutritious.  

If cooking just the pulse, you would measure 1/3 cup dry Quick Pulse and combine it with 1 cup plus 1/4 water, 1/3 tsp. Real Salt, and some butter or coconut oil.  Heat up fast, then slow down to simmer with lid.  

But for this recipe measure out 1/2 cup dry pulse with  2 cups chicken bone broth or regular chicken broth.  Simmer on low and stir occasionally.  In a fry pan saute  in butter some...
chopped onion
2 cloves garlic
a head of broccoli chopped.

When pulse is almost done, add the sauted vegetables and about 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream.   Add some some salt to taste if needed and black or white pepper.  Add more broth if needed to finish cooking the rice and peas.  It should be thick.   At this point you can transfer the food to a buttered  casserole dish and finish baking (about 20-30 min at 300) with some cheese added to the top.  

Or continue cooking in a pot over warm heat with lid on to thicken up and serve from the pot.  Grated cheese on top is really good.  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fermenting Class in November

This class is at my sister's house in South Jordan, Utah.  It is about fermenting basic foods like milk kefir, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, and kombucha.  It is Wednesday Nov. 18  at 7 pm.

If you would like to come to this class please call me so I can give you the address and directions how to get there.  801-765-4645  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fountain Green, Utah Class

We had a wonderful time with the women of the Fountain Green First Ward at last nights fermenting class!    Thank you all for coming.

God bless you as you implement some of this crazy fermenting stuff into your daily routines and food processes.  There is a learning curve with any new food or process.  Please feel free to email me or call me with questions (but not til next Wed, the 28 as I am out of town til then).  

I sent sister Cook a document on the Blood Type Diet  food list that was not included in the print-outs I had.  Please contact her if you bought a Pulse or are interested.  She will also give you a "scoby" for kombucha if you are interested in starting kombucha.  

Explore my blogs for further information on some of the topics I talked about in class.  Just keep going back to older posts.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Satan's Perfect Food

If Satan could invent  (he all ready has) the perfect food that would kill slowly and cause most of the diseases known to modern man and be addictive but not against any law and yet be "pushed" by the most decent and nicest people even to children and welcomed at all social gatherings...what would it be?  (sorry I don't know source for this quote)

Yes,   sugar.   You knew that and everyone knows that but we consume tons of it anyway.  

My husband is on a no sugar diet for a few months...maybe forever and it is very hard for him.  Understand, he is not overweight or has diabetes or even eats that much sugar but...
some of his internal organs are damaged and are not taking nutrients or even discharging metabolic waste.   Sugar damage and starch too.  So we are very aware of sugar in foods and are trying to avoid it all too.    

Now for those who are LDS, I have a question for you....if sugar is so harmful why is it not mentioned in DC 89?    Other harmful substances are....alcohol, tobacco, hot drinks (which are interpreted to be classic tea and coffee)  but sugar is not and it was common back in the days of early Church.  

I don't currently have an answer but I keep asking different people. What do you think? 

(I wish I had a picture, but my files do not have pictures of anything with sugar except my kombucha and we have given that up for a while too)  

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Size Jars for Fermented "Pickles"

I just found these pint 'n half jars at my local with wide mouths!   I bought these and filled them with califlowers, garlics, pickling cucumbers, pearl onions and dill and pickling spices for flavors I love.  I've got my air lock devices on the top with one missing a lid, and they are fermenting away.  

 This was 6 weeks ago and now they have the regular metal bands and lids on them and are in the small fridge in the back room.  No need to transfer food to another jar.  

I opened two of  them today and tasted and they are perfect!   I will take 3 of them to a class tomorrow night in Fountain Green, Utah.   

This one is in one of my 3 "Pickleit" jars I bought a few years ago.  With this jar, I just remove the air lock device and put the red rubber plug in.  No need to transfer the food to another jar for storage.  I had enough vegetables left over to use this jar.  

See the pink plastic?   That is the one with missing top cap.  Top cap has tiny holes in it to let the carbon dioxide gas out but the air with mold spores that comes into it cannot get pass the water in the air lock.  I used a piece of plastic with punched tiny holes, and elastic to do the job.  It worked.

I love these jars! Gonna buy more if I see them again. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Turmeric Butter

This "butter"  is for inflammation 
anywhere in your body.  You can spread it on sourdough bread or pancakes or crackers or just about anything but I love it strait from a spoon.  Everyone knows turmeric is good for inflammation and this is a tasty way to get it.

Start with a 10 ounce clean jar.  Fill it half full with soft virgin coconut oil and then add 3 tablespoons of ground turmeric and gently stir.  Add about a tsp. of honey and a shake or two of cayenne pepper.   Taste.  If it needs any more of honey or pepper add it then fill the jar with more soft coconut butter.  Keep on the counter with a small spoon near by.  Take several tastes during the day.  It really does taste good.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Class; Sourdough, Grains and Pulses

Thursday, Sept. 10, at  6:30 at Real Foods Market in Orem....400 West on 800 North.   

Class attendees last Tuesday in Sugarhouse enjoyed riding my "peddle grinder" to crush the legumes for their own custom blended pulse.  They tasted my recipe for soudough bread, and drank some "Rejuvelac".  I think the bread won the best taste test.  However the cooked pulse for blood type A was a hit also.  Same class and tastes and activities will be featured at the Orem store in a couple weeks.  No fee, but $2 will get you a ride on my "peddle grinder" and 12 oz. of your own custom blended pulse for your blood type.  There are ways to get around the harm and addiction to wheat starch and wheat gluten.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fermenting Classes For August 2015

Homemade Sauerkraut and Kefir class will be Tuesday, August 11 at my home in Orem at 1:00 pm and there is no charge.   I will demonstrate how easy it is to get your own nutritious, "gut healthy" sauerkraut and even store it.   We will discuss other vegetable ferments or "pickles" as they used to be called.  

This class will also discuss the benefits of making your own milk and water kefirs.  Different microbes for each kefir but both are wonderful pro-biotic foods.  I will also discuss the art of kombucha making.   There is always lots to taste and perhaps a starter you can buy.  

Tuesday August 25, at 6:30 in Sugarhouse at the Real Foods Market on Highland drive, I will be teaching about Sourdough bread and other baked goods with sourdough and Pulses, which are alternative grain and legume combinations.  
No charge for class but to take home a Pulse combination for you to cook at home will cost $2 and sourdough starts will be $5.  

For those in Idaho in the Buhl area, I will be teaching at Pioneer Preparedness Fair in the old church in Buhl on Saturday July 25.   

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camp Zarahemla!

Just returned from a week-long preparedness camp with 365 other wonderful people at the top of a mountain at 9,000 feet in the Manti-LaSal mountains of central Utah.  That's our 15x18' Davis Wall tent set up in the "Bountiful" camp and my outdoor cooking station under the "fly".  Below picture is me pulling our new "monster wagon" loaded with my "peddle grinder" and other things for the classes I taught Wednesday morning.

I taught "Sourdough Bread" first hour with Lisa Cox who taught "Gluten-Free Breads" and second hour we baked our breads.  She used a Solar Oven to bake hers, I used a 10" Dutch Oven for bread and a foil covered box oven for some sourdough muffins.  I didn't think the muffins were done because they didn't brown on top but they did bake but too late for the class. 

The next day, I taught a "Pulse" class in the same area on the top of the hill in the "Waters of Mormon" camp.  Everyone got to choose 2-3 grains for their blood type and then choose 2 legumes best for their blood type and then grind the legumes into smaller bits using the "peddle grinder" we brought.  Many people asked questions about the grinder and pulses and sourdough breads.   All these topics are here on my  just have to scroll down a few times to find the blogs. 
If you are one of the people who got my green card at one of my classes and want to ask me more questions, please email me or phone me.  Don't comment here, I rarely blog and never see the comments here.  Contact me directly.  I'd love to talk with you again.  I truly want to be back in camp.  There was such a lovely feeling of safety and peace and joy that week.  Being around like-minded people is truley a joy!  We are preparing for a wonderful but hard and difficult exodus.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Chocolate! Not Candy

It's chocolate, not candy meaning; this chocolate is so healthy that it is a supplement!
I've used this recipe a bunch of times and love the variation possibilities.  Thanks to Dr. Kyle Christensen of Woodland Hills, Utah for this process (super easy) and recipe.

Basic Recipe:
1 cup cacao powder  ( cocoa but organic and better and original)
1-3 TBS cacao nibs  (little bits of real cacao beans)
1 TBS  Maca powder  (a hormonal super supplement)
1/2 cup raw honey
1/2 cup cocoa butter( with perhaps some coconut oil also). 
Flavor with essential oils  10-12 drops of peppermint, orange or other exotic flavor. 
I also like to add some cayenne pepper with the orange oil. 

Process;   Measure out the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Get ready a candy mold; silicon ones are nice.   I use small papers because I have a miniature muffin pan.  
Break off a chunk of the cocoa butter and melt very low temp., like warm.  Measure this melted oil to see how close it comes to 1/2 cup. If not quite enough, add more cocoa butter, or add some virgin coconut oil to make up the difference.  In the same measuring cup, pour out the honey.  Add that to the melted oil and stir.  DO NOT LET IT BOIL !  When it gets too hot, the chocolate doesn't set up and get hard, it stays soft. 
Add oil and honey mixture to the dry stuff, then add the essential oils for flavoring and stir quickly.  Drop by spoonfulls into the molds or on a clean flat, pliable surface or paper molds.  Work fast.  Lick the spoon and bowl.  (You can share, or not)   Allow a few hours for it to set up and harden.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Classes in Price April 10

     Thank you one and all for attending one or both of my fermenting classes last Friday on the USU Eastern college campus, Women's Conference. It was a great experience meeting so many new friends.  Please feel free to call or email me with any questions about fermenting foods or questions concerning the things you bought.  I hope to see some of you again.  I live in Orem, close to 800 North.  My phone is 801-765-4645 and my email is at the top of my blog.  
I am still behind in getting more milk kefirs, so please call me and I will place you on my wait list for milk kefirs.  Water kefirs I have plenty and also kombucha.   

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sourdough Fish Pancakes

Here is a different kind of sourdough pancake.
I needed a quick dinner and needed to feed my sourdough start at the same time.  I also had only one tilipia fillet in my freezer...not enough to feed both of us for dinner.   But, adding it to a pancake batter would stretch that one filet for both of us so I made "fish pancakes" for dinner that night and served with my own sauerkraut, was a wonder meal.   

1/2 cup whole grain sourdough start
1/2 tsp. Real Salt
1 or 2 eggs beaten
1 TBS chopped green onion
1/2 tsp. chia seeds
1/2 tsp. lemon pepper seasoning
1 small fish filet like tilipia cut into small pieces  with scissors
1 tsp. honey
1 tsp. baking soda
some bacon grease, or coconut oil or olive oil or butter to fry them in.  

Fry in hot oil on both sides until the bits of fish are done.  Makes 5-6 pancakes.  Serve with tomato cocktail sauce  or tartar sauce.  A side dish of sourdough corn bread or cooked brn. rice or quinoa and salad are nice with this. 

Spinach Cookies

     No kidding!   Spinach "cookies" are a hit every time I bake some up.  Recently I baked a batch for a committee meeting and the whole batch was eaten very quickly.  The other regular cookies were left behind.  I wish I had taken a picture but we were late for the meeting. Lots of people are trying to avoid sugar and this recipe helps.  

     These "cookies" are not sweet but savory and taste very good.  When I was asked to bring cookies I replied yes, but they will be the healthy kind.   

4 eggs beaten
1 pkg. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry  ( I use scissors to cut it smaller)
1/2 onion chopped fine
1 cup dry sourdough bread crumbs  (another reason to keep sourdough bread that fails to rise)
1/3 cup butter  softened or melted
2 TBS cream or milk
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
3/4 tsp. Real Salt  and some pepper
1 tsp. poultry seasoning

Optional:   1 TBS.  raw sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds or both.

     Mix all together and allow  2-3 hours for it to sit covered, at room temp. to completely soak the bread crumbs.  Use a spoon and form balls of dough to drop and press onto greased cookie sheet or parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 15-18 minutes.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kefir Class in Orem

     First Kefir class of 2015 will be at the Real Foods Market in Orem,  Thurs. March 12  at 5:30.    Real Foods Market is on 800 North and 400 West.   This class will be on making your own milk kefir with the old world kefir grains which I  will sell there.   I will also have some water kefirs and I will talk about the wider topic of "lacto-fermentation" using whey to enrich other foods that have been canned to bring them back to life.   I will have my " Dairy Strainer Cloths" to sell, that strain the whey from the caseine so you get kefir cheese.   Of course I will have taste samples  and there is no fee.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sugarhouse Class; Jan. 29

     I taught a Kefir and Lacto-Fermentation class last night at the Real Foods Market in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City last night.  What a great experience for me!  I hope that the folks who came learned something useful or meaningful.  There were so many that came I ran out of print-outs and kefirs.  I am sorry about that.  It is hard to judge how many will show up.  Last year when I did this class there, I had 5 maybe 6 people, and last night was over 30.  I planned for 22.  I sold out of milk kefirs and so it will take me a couple weeks to get enough to divide out again.    Thank you all for coming. 

     I use this blog as a back-up for my classes, so class members get some recipes and processes that I don't cover in class.   I wish I could respond to questions or comments that sometimes get posted  here with my blogs but true to my "dinosaur" age, I haven't figured it out yet.  So, to get me to respond to your concerns or questions, please use my email address at the heading of my blog and again here at...

     Lacto-fermentation refers to the common friendly bacteria called lactobacillus which is found in all healthy humans and animals and in rich soil and on fruits and vegetables that are not grown on sterilized fields.  It is found in abundance in raw milk and  whey from cultured raw or pasteurized milk products and it is this whey that can be used to inoculate other foods that have been home-canned or commercially canned.  The advantage is that the good bacteria will consume the sugar or the starch of the canned food over 2-4 days producing lactic acid which tastes very good and is good for the body, and it fills the food with living bacteria that are good for the body....a pro-biotic food, in other words it makes that once "dead" food alive again. 

     The whey is one of the bi-products you get when you separate the caseine (milk solids) from the watery part (whey) of a cultured milk product like kefir or yogurt, using a cloth strainer. Separation will happen naturally with raw milk if left out on the counter for 4-5 days (curds 'n whey or clabber).   The whey has many uses like inoculating canned foods, as liquid in smoothies or baked goods, or "taking down" the sugar in fruit juices  and the milk solids can be flavored and used like sour cream or cream cheese, only it is far better than the commercial kinds.  Making your own dairy products from raw milk or commercial pasteurized milk will save you money and is healthier.  If you have not access to raw milk, look for a low temperature pasteurization and non-homogenized milk in health food stores.  There are dairies that do sell milk like this.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fermented Barley Water: A Mild Grain Beverage

This is an old post but I felt to bring it up again as I have been making it the last few weeks and it is something my husband will drink.  (Husbands and children are the ultimate testors for fermented foods and beverages).

We have had the cold virus and flu virus between the two of us, through the holidays like everyone else, but our cases have been very mild when I compare what other people are suffering.  I would like to think it is because of our healthy diets and the pro-biotic foods we eat. 

 And this one beverage has been really helpful especially for my husband who is so picky about my other array of fermented beverages. 

It is easy and very mild tasting but packs a whole lot of health benefits.( benefits are listed in old blog here or you can research the benefits from other blogs online)  

1 ounce of hulled barley (not pearled) needs to have the hull still on
to 1 quart of chlorine-free water
let sit on counter at room temp for 2 days. (sprouting and fermenting taking place)
Pour off the water straining out the barley and reserve both.
Then put the barley in a pot with another quart of water and bring it to a boil, reduce the temperature, cover and gently cook for an hour.  Cool down, strain the barley out and throw out or feed chickens or use in soup.  Combine the reserved water with the cooked (pinkish) water and divide between 2 half gallon jars and add more chlorine-free water.  Cover and let sit on counter at room temperature.  Consume as desired.
Start process over with another ounce of barley water.

For LDS folks   DC 89; 17
Rejuvelac made from wheat also fits this verse.    

Eating Water Kefir Grains

My water kefir grains are working well and they are reproducing well.  But, husband won't drink the kefir water.   I got water kefir grains basicly for him.  I all ready have my kombucha which I love but he won't drink and other fermented beverages so I do not need another one and I cannot keep up with the production.  He won't drink the kefir water because of the gets syrupy.  If I cut the fermentation short to prevent the syrupy, it has too much sweetness/sugar and that is not good for him either.  I have tried to prevent the syrupy result, but no success.  If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please email me. 

     In the meantime, I will keep them going but only in a pint jar and I am going to eat the extra kefir grains.  They are very different in texture from my milk kefir grains.  They are bland tasting so I put a few in with my breakfast cereal ( pulse for blood type O) and they are good that way, I also blend them with my milk kefir smoothies....kefir, pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, spinach, some berries if I have them, and maybe a piece of ripe banana.  Good that way too. Another pro-biotic food source.   

Wheat Intolerance, Celiac, and Glyphsoate.

Wheat sensitivities are widespread. They say true celiacs are rare but a lot of people claim they cannot eat wheat anymore because of gluten....or the starch....or both.   There are a lot of people trying to figure this out. 

 I have learned from many sources, and have taught that it is a combination of things like;  over hybridization starting in the early 50s (and with that came super gluten and starch that are difficult to digest). More than anything is the industrial "overuse" of wheat and it's byproducts by the consumer always looking for convenience, and then there is the "speed" at which the food industry must turn a raw material into a finished product (which counteracts the ancient, ancestral ways of preparing grains for food) and then the arrival on the market in 1984 of synthetic yeasts or quick-rise yeasts that were designed to work fast. We also have the possibility that the wheat on the market now is GMO wheat.  The industry loudly denounce this but I don't know.
If all this were not bad enough, it is now being reported that a recent farming practice(within the last 18-15 years or so) that is thought to be "harmless" is really turning out to be one more "crime against nature".  It is glyphosate. 

 Glyphosate is a  round-up herbicide that is sprayed on the mature wheat plants to kill them and of course any other weeds in the field.  As the wheat plants die, they quickly produce a few more grains of wheat....a plant's defense.  Which is a bonus for the farmer as it produces a greater crop yield....more money.  But, and this is a big "But"....this poison gets into the wheat kernels themselves, not just the bran but into the endosperm.  Could this poison be part of the combination mix that is making people sick? 

 Read this link.  This is the third article I've seen lately implicating glyphosate.

     If this is true, then modern wheat could very easily be harmful to humanity.  The industry doesn't care, until the demand for wheat goes down and with it their profits. This article does ask the question; "can this chemical poison be ameliorated?"  It doesn't say.  And I don't know either.  

     What I have decided to do is to keep the wheat I have purchased for storage....good or bad, old or new.  I believe the answer to this question will come forth in the future when our lives depend on wheat because that is all that we will have to eat.  I also believe that prayer over this food when we have to depend on it for survival, will take care of the damage done to it and it will be made useful and even healthful for human consumption.  

     In the meantime, I will continue to grind my wheat and other grains, sprout my wheat and make rejuvelac and continue to make sourdough bread, muffins, crackers and pancakes and the occasional dessert. And of course, pray over all the food I serve.  But will not give up on "wheat for man".  Perhaps sprouting and sourdough natural yeasts can diminish the poison, I don't know yet, but I do know there will be ways to overcome the problems. I will encourage people with wheat sensitivities to keep their stored wheat and purchase more if needed... looking for organic suppliers. 

 Such as "Wheat Montana" brand flours.  They go to great lengths to test their wheat to prove it chemical free.   There are other growers I'm sure and with some research they can be found.