Saturday, May 31, 2014

Great Class at my House!

     Thanks to everyone for coming Saturday the 31st.  I barely had seats for everyone and I'm sorry there wasn't more room.  But thank you for coming and for your questions and comments. 

 This class really focused on Kombucha and vegetable ferments and thanks to Dustin who brought his new batch of kombucha to try.  We tasted a variety of fermented vegetables and some fermented canned foods like white beans made into a fermented Tuscan bean dip and some tomato paste made with canned tomatoes into fermented "catsup".  I demonstrated how milk kefirs work and had some "kefir cheese" flavored with maple syrup to try.  That was wonderful, but the best was my latest batch of beet Kvass this time made with slices of lemon and ginger.  Wow!  that tasted so good....tip I learned from Steven Hassler.  Another surprise, good one, was my newly fermented radishes.   They mellowed out during the fermenting process and tasted really good.  I don't like fresh radishes so this was a nice surprise. These would be so good in a salad.  
     Real Foods Market called and wanted me to teach one more class before the end of season so  I agreed and will be doing a class next Thursday, June 5 at 6:30;  Real Foods Market in Orem on 400 West north of  800 North. 

     My next class here at home will be in August and will focus on Vegetable Ferments as we slide into harvest season.  Don't have date picked out yet but will post it end of June.   Another class here at home in November will focus on grains...sourdough breads and pulses.