Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Will Be Teaching 2 Classes June 23

I will be teaching two classes June 23 as one of many presenters at an annual conference held in So. Jordan, Utah,  at Paradigm High School.  This is my second year doing this and it is a great opportunity to learn how to get well/healthy the alternative way and become less dependent on drugs and and traditional therapies that for many don't work.   My two classes are  "Kefir; Home Cultured Foods for Health"  and  "Plant Protein Pilaf; Combining Grains and Legumes" this class is based on Blood Type which I have talked about here in an older post.   There are other very relevant  and inspiring classes to choose from.  Visit the website and if you like what you see,  please  register.       use my promo code/coupon    BOGO2060928004   for discount.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food Fermenting Interview on Radio

I was interviewed on a local radio station, KHQN AM 1480 Healing Talk Radio, by Dr. Kyle Christensen who has a weekly program about health from 5 to 6 on Monday nights. I appreciate the invitation to do this and it was fun. I really had no idea that Kyle was also an avid food fermentor. We talked about vegetable ferments first and both agreed that the easiest and most nutritious vegetable ferment to start with is sauerkraut or fermented cabbage. We talked about how many different old world cultures have fermented cabbage and then added their special flavors; Koreans add hot peppers to bok choy cabbage to make kimchee, the German's added caraway seeds, others added onion or juniper berries

. Kyle uses some gas lock lids with his jars of vegetable ferment to allow fermenting gasses to escape which I do not have but I am seriously going to get. One of my first posts on my blog here, is the process of making sauerkraut. I hope you search back and find that early one. he gave me the site where he orders those gas lock caps.

 We talked about kefir both water and milk kefirs, and how easy and nutritious they are to keep in the kitchen. Milk sugar or lactose is the culprit for adults who cannot digest it but the kefir microbes can. Milk kefir is what I recommend for beginning food fermentors. We talked about sourdough bread and how much better it is than regular bread even homemade bread.

 We talked about how difficult it is getting people to get back into the kitchen to do their own cooking from fresh, raw ingredients. We both agreed that "industrial foods" are harmful and that most health problems could be eliminated if folks would give up their bad diets and do their own food and kitchen work. I was a great program and I was pleased to be part of it. You can search it out in their archives, at the website