Sunday, June 26, 2011

LDS Holistic Conference

Greetings new friends from conference. Thank you for coming to one of my 3 classes on Saturday, June 25 and thank you, for looking up my blogspot here. It was a truly remarkable experience! I enjoyed meeting so many new friends. You are all so wonderful and the fact that you came to that conference tells me you are seeking more light and truth and knowledge about living a higher law of health and wellness and purpose. I am truly humbled that anything I said might have added something worthwhile to what you learned that day. My only regret is that I didn't get to spend time looking over the other vendor booths or getting to hear other lectures or spending more time talking to you, individually. I know I missed out. But I am very pleased that I was able to teach and sell some useful fermenting products to so many.
I hope you can find the blogs on fermenting that I have posted since last July. I hope they are useful to you. Fermenting is a great way to boost nutrition and connect with "old wisdom" and our ancestors. Good luck with your search and your beginning practice. Please contact me if any friendly microbes I sold you, do not work. However, I have a road trip to make to Ohio right after the 4th weekend so I will not be available until July 15th. 801-765-4645

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Plant Protein Pilaf ; Blood Type Specific Storage Blends

As a blood type O, which is the most common blood type in society, we are genetically designed to digest red meat very well. We produce more intestinal alkaline phosphatase than other blood types and that is what digests meat. Blood type As produce the least and thus they have a hard time digesting red meat.
Food storage presents some challenges for Os. My DH and I have meat in storage; canned meat, dried meat and freeze dried meat. But those amounts are limited and at some point will give out unless in our survival community there are hunters that can kill the occasional game or slaughter cattle.
We have been told to store wheat and beans and we have done that, but wheat is a poor food for Os and most storage beans are avoids. Pondering this problem I got the idea (inspiration, really) to study the food lists of the blood type diet and combine either the neutral or beneficial beans/legumes with grains and seeds for a plant protein combination that could serve as a protein source to supplement the occasional and limited meat. My first combinations were for just Os and OBs as my DH is a B. But then I thought to formulate combinations for all the blood types and marriage combinations.

Os and Bs have the most limited number of beneficial beans/legumes, grains and seeds while As and ABs have longer lists. As can pretty much live off plant protein combinations as many primitive and 3rd world societies do and many vegetarians have been doing.

I believe in storing foods that don't fight with your genetic metabolism. We will soon be living in very stressful times and many of us will be living off our stored foods. When the stress is high why put upon yourself even more stress by eating foods that don't "agree" with your system? It is wasteful and unnecessary to my way of thinking.

When combining dry storage ingredients, use what you all ready have and use either glass jars or used #10 cans with the plastic lids. Choose a "unit" say, a tablespoon or a scoop or a cup...whatever is easy to work with considering your chosen containers. These ingredients and amount ratios are not "set in concrete" and can, of course, be custom fitted to your choices.
All these combinations work with a 3:1 ratio of water to pilaf. Rinse the combination under running water in a strainer first, then measure 3 parts waters to grain/beans. Soaking for 8-12 or more hours is a necessity because water neutralizes the phytic acid naturally on all grains and beans and seeds and softens the food for cooking; no need to drain. Soak without the salt but add sea salt when cooking. Ratio for salt is: 1 tsp. salt to 1 cup dry blend but salt to taste. Bring to a boil and reduce heat and keep a lid on during cooking and stir occasionally. My sun oven worked wonderfully the day I gave this as samples.
Cooked plant protein pilaf can be kept in cold storage and brought out for many uses; as breakfast, as lunch and as dinner. Os should not eat this with meat but separately. Please serve it hot with ghee or coconut oil or butter or olive oil. Many spices and herbs can be used to make it tasty but it is good just with salt and fat.

Plant Protein Pilaf for Os

Brown rice 6 units
Quinoa 4 units
Brown rice blend with wild rice 2 units
Split peas yellow or green 2 units
Millet 2 units
Adzuki beans (little and dk red) 2 units
black eyed peas (beans) 2 units
Flax seeds whole 1 unit
Chia seeds 1 unit
Amaranth 1 unit
Red lentils 1/2 unit

Plant Protein Pilaf for As this list has many choices; you do not have to use all of these, choose those that you have, making sure you have some grains, some legumes, and some seeds.

Brown rice 6 units
Millet 6 units
Toasted buckwheat 6 units
Quinoa 4 units
Adzuki beans (little and dk red)4 units
Wild rice blend 4 units
Amaranth 4 units
Lentils green, yellow or red 4 units
Spelt berries 2 units
Black eyed peas (beans) 2 units
Black beans 2 units
Rye berries 1 unit
Split peas yellow or green 2 units
Flax seeds whole 2 units
Chia seeds 2 units

Plant Protein Pilaf for Bs

Brown Rice 6 units
Quinoa 4 units
Millet 4 units
Barley 2 units
Flax seeds whole 2 units
Rice Bran 2 units
Split peas yellow or green 2 units
Navy beans 2 units
Chia seeds 1 unit
Spelt berries 1 unit

Plant Protein Pilaf for ABS

Brown rice 6 units
Millet 6 units
Oat groats 4 units
Rye berries 4 units
Spelt berries 4 units
Amaranth 2 units
Navy beans 2 units
Quinoa 1 unit
Flax seeds whole 1 unit
Chia seeds 1 unit
Red lentils 1 unit

As for Married couples with different blood types, look to see what grains, legumes and seeds are common to both blood types and make a combination using those common items. The idea is to combine grain with legumes and seeds. The lists are either neutral or beneficial for each blood type, however if you have a sensitivity to something on the list, substitute something else. There are many more beans for each blood type but they are not included in the list because of size. All the ingredients have to cook at about the same time so, size was a consideration in planning the combinations.
Another consideration; Vududaddy on AVOW suggests combining dry ingredients in a jar for a meal; pasta, herbs, vegetables, beans etc. If you are considering this excellent idea, use blood type compliant ingredients.

Greetings! Fellow Campers at the Nephi AVOW Campout June 8-11

What a great camp out! Just had to say "Thank You" to those lovely people Perry and I met at the campground in Dog Valley this last week. What an experience! I learned so much from you. 'Thank You' especially to the 35 or so people we crammed into our first-time put up Turtle Tuff geodesic dome tent ( and to those few who gathered outside the opening in the sun to hear me give my presentation on Food Fermentation and the Blood Type Diet. I have never instructed a more receptive and appreciative group in my life! I mean that. I have never had such interested and receptive "students". You are all just amazing. You were strangers at the beginning of camp and now we are truly friends. Thanks too, to Moravec and Whitewater Lady for organizing this camp out. Thanks too, to those wonderful people who helped us put that dome together on Wednesday and then take it down on Saturday. I hope we meet again.....maybe the next camp out, yea! AVOW (Another Voice of Warning
The next post will be my directions for Plant Protein Pilaf as per blood type.