Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Will Be Teaching 2 Classes June 23

I will be teaching two classes June 23 as one of many presenters at an annual conference held in So. Jordan, Utah,  at Paradigm High School.  This is my second year doing this and it is a great opportunity to learn how to get well/healthy the alternative way and become less dependent on drugs and and traditional therapies that for many don't work.   My two classes are  "Kefir; Home Cultured Foods for Health"  and  "Plant Protein Pilaf; Combining Grains and Legumes" this class is based on Blood Type which I have talked about here in an older post.   There are other very relevant  and inspiring classes to choose from.  Visit the website and if you like what you see,  please  register.       use my promo code/coupon    BOGO2060928004   for discount.

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