Monday, October 28, 2013

Beet Kvass; green printout error

 I just found an error on my green printout sheet with the recipe for Beet Kvass.  This is about the green sheet I pass out at the classes I teach. 
The way it is printed, I did not specify what size bottle for the beet ferment.  It should have said to use a 2 quart bottle packed with chopped beets and 1 TBS salt dissolved in 1 quart of chlorine-free water.  Some might have interpreted the recipe to use 2TBS of salt with a 2 quart bottle.  
The general rule with Sally Fallon recipes is usually 1 TBS salt with 1 quart of vegetables and water but this Kvass recipe works with 2 quart bottle and only 1 TBS salt.  

I hope that clarifies the directions.  I love my beet kvass and have found many people making it and using it regularly.  It was from a couple of those fermentors that I understood my error.  They were getting kvass that was too salty.   

Hope this is good time to harvest those beets and make kvass.  After I have made a second ferment from a batch of chopped beets, I usually cook some of them up and serve with melted butter, a little bit of sweetner and some vinegar.   Tastes like my mother's pickled beets when she packed them with sugar, cloves, distilled vinegar and then "water bath" cooked them. I Iiked the flavor of my mother's pickles but healthwise, they were "dead".  

Better to get the fermented juice (living) from them first then cook them.   Maybe some people like the crunchy raw fermented beets as they are, but they are too crunchy for me.  I put the rest of the beets on my compost pile. 

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