Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Are Pulses? Book of Daniel

The word "pulse" comes from the Bible in the book of Daniel Chapter 1.  It refers to "plain food" that the selected Hebrews preferred over the King's fancy food.  King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, valued some of his captive Israelite men because they were educated in subjects that he valued and he wanted them as advisers to his court. He was concerned that they be given the best food to keep them healthy.  The chief servant had orders to feed these Hebrews the King's"meat"
 ( meaning the King's food which may have contained some fancily prepared meats) but the Israelites refused and wanted "pulses" for their food.  The servant was upset and knew the King would be unhappy with this refusal.  A contest resulted, with the Hebrews challenging the servant a week's worth of pulses cooked they way they were used too verses what the others were given from the King's kitchen.  At the end of the week they were examined and found to be healthier than the others and the Hebrews and their pulses won! 

You look up "pulses" on the internet you find that it mostly refers to legume foods--beans and also includes nuts and seeds but another version or interpretation includes grains.  This is where I got the inspiration to formulate my own pulse combinations.  Pulses either with or without grains are ancient foods that I believe will nourish us today, if prepared correctly,(soaked for 8-24 hours before cooking) and they are the foods that store well in our homes for future scarcity which I believe is right on our doorstep. Check out my earlier blogs on pulses.    

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