Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camp Zarahemla!

Just returned from a week-long preparedness camp with 365 other wonderful people at the top of a mountain at 9,000 feet in the Manti-LaSal mountains of central Utah.  That's our 15x18' Davis Wall tent set up in the "Bountiful" camp and my outdoor cooking station under the "fly".  Below picture is me pulling our new "monster wagon" loaded with my "peddle grinder" and other things for the classes I taught Wednesday morning.

I taught "Sourdough Bread" first hour with Lisa Cox who taught "Gluten-Free Breads" and second hour we baked our breads.  She used a Solar Oven to bake hers, I used a 10" Dutch Oven for bread and a foil covered box oven for some sourdough muffins.  I didn't think the muffins were done because they didn't brown on top but they did bake but too late for the class. 

The next day, I taught a "Pulse" class in the same area on the top of the hill in the "Waters of Mormon" camp.  Everyone got to choose 2-3 grains for their blood type and then choose 2 legumes best for their blood type and then grind the legumes into smaller bits using the "peddle grinder" we brought.  Many people asked questions about the grinder and pulses and sourdough breads.   All these topics are here on my blog...you  just have to scroll down a few times to find the blogs. 
If you are one of the people who got my green card at one of my classes and want to ask me more questions, please email me or phone me.  Don't comment here, I rarely blog and never see the comments here.  Contact me directly.  I'd love to talk with you again.  I truly want to be back in camp.  There was such a lovely feeling of safety and peace and joy that week.  Being around like-minded people is truley a joy!  We are preparing for a wonderful but hard and difficult exodus.  

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