Thursday, August 27, 2015

Another Class; Sourdough, Grains and Pulses

Thursday, Sept. 10, at  6:30 at Real Foods Market in Orem....400 West on 800 North.   

Class attendees last Tuesday in Sugarhouse enjoyed riding my "peddle grinder" to crush the legumes for their own custom blended pulse.  They tasted my recipe for soudough bread, and drank some "Rejuvelac".  I think the bread won the best taste test.  However the cooked pulse for blood type A was a hit also.  Same class and tastes and activities will be featured at the Orem store in a couple weeks.  No fee, but $2 will get you a ride on my "peddle grinder" and 12 oz. of your own custom blended pulse for your blood type.  There are ways to get around the harm and addiction to wheat starch and wheat gluten.  

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