Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Raw Milk Kefir Green Smoothie Update

     I have added a couple new ingredients to my traditional green smoothie; ginger, kale and ripe banana.  Not much to write about but I think the new ingredients make a difference and boost the nutritional value.  

 2 cups homemade raw milk kefir (if you don't do this use commercial plain kefir or yogurt)
 2 cups pineapple juice  
 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks   
 1 ripe banana  
 1 TBS  raw, ginger without skin  
 2-3 fresh kale leave  or handful of fresh spinach.

Process at med speed 1 minute then higher speed another minute.  

 I like to freeze 4 cups of this in 1 cup containers for future mornings.   1 or 2 cups of this smoothie a day is very revitalizing and refreshing. 

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