Friday, July 30, 2010

Watermelon Juice for Kidney Flush

Isn't that a beautiful mess? I just love kitchen still lifes. A few weeks ago, I got results back of my annual blood test. I take bio-identical hormones, and blood tests are essential for annalyzation and prescription of these marvelous medications. Besides all the hormone readings, I get a lipid panel and glucose reading and it also has some other test numbers like the function of kidneys. Kidneys produce this protein ,called creatinine that is washed out with wastes. If it accumulates, then kidneys are not doing their job well. My creatinine level has been slowly going up over the last 3 years and this time it was 1.06 which is over the safe level, so Francine told me to do a kidney flush. I "googled" kidney flush and came up with several ways to do it, and watermelon juice and watermelon seed tea were some of the suggestions. The general idea for a kidney flush is to drink a lot of liquid, water and various teas to "flush" the kidneys.

For 2 weeks now I have been drinking a lot of liquid...more than a gallon each day. It has been suggested by health officials that a good way to judge or measure your optimal amount of liquid is to drink half your body weight in ounces. At 140 lbs, that would mean 70 ounces for me. A gallon is 128 ounces and I am averaging 136 ounces a day much more than my ideal amount but this is a 3 week "flush". Watermelon juice has been part of that. I was surprised how good watermelon juice tastes and how refreshing it is. I bought the old fashioned seeded watermelons and put all except rind, in my blender and processed on high speed. In the photo, you can see a strainer that is collected the watermelons seed pieces. I put the strained pieces in a separate container and once a day take about 1/4 cup of it and add 2 cups boiling pure water to get the watermelon seed tea. The juice gets put in the fridge. Some of the other liquids I have been drinking are....

1. lots of pure "prill water" all the liquids listed here and everything we drink is made with this "prill water" ( city tap water processed in glass gallon container with a bag of "precious prills" which are magnesium crystals...check out )
2. celery seed tea
3. my own brewed Kombucha (see previous blog) and water
3. green drink ( prill water and chard and other greens from my little garden processed in blender)
4. Kefir own cultured kefir from raw milk blended with fresh fruit and watered down.
5. peppermint tea
6. lemon tea

This is a crazy list but I've been drinking this for two weeks. I also ate 3 meals a day, no carbs but fruit, lots of fresh vegetables, maybe one slice of my sourdough bread and meat, eggs and dairy. I didn't eat snacks between meals.... too much liquid. I was really surprised that I could drink that much, but then I am at home and so urinating often wasn't much of a problem either. Couldn't do this during school teaching. Friday, July 29 I went back to Utah Health and Wellness Center ( bio-identical hormones with Francine Weiss) for another blood test to see if all of this worked. I will update when results are back.

Update; Aug. 11, 2010

It worked! just got blood test back and that kidney protein, creatinine, dropped....from 1.06 which is high to .93 ! So, all that drinking worked. I may have overdone it some, I figured that I was drinking on average 136 ounces a day! A gallon is 128. I'm going to drop to about 90-100 ounces a day.
Some other body chemicals also corrected themselves like chloresterols dropped from 251 (high) to 200 (still high but 199 is upper limit). LDL dropped from 179 (high) to 129 (still high). All this by drinking more and........I did make an effort to move more and quicker. I don't belong to gym but walk in the morning with neighbors.

I highly reccomend this Lady and her clinic for bio-identical hormones:

Dr. Francine Weiss
Utah Health and Wellness
Hormonal Alignment Center
386 E. 720 South
Orem, Utah 84058

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