Sunday, June 26, 2011

LDS Holistic Conference

Greetings new friends from conference. Thank you for coming to one of my 3 classes on Saturday, June 25 and thank you, for looking up my blogspot here. It was a truly remarkable experience! I enjoyed meeting so many new friends. You are all so wonderful and the fact that you came to that conference tells me you are seeking more light and truth and knowledge about living a higher law of health and wellness and purpose. I am truly humbled that anything I said might have added something worthwhile to what you learned that day. My only regret is that I didn't get to spend time looking over the other vendor booths or getting to hear other lectures or spending more time talking to you, individually. I know I missed out. But I am very pleased that I was able to teach and sell some useful fermenting products to so many.
I hope you can find the blogs on fermenting that I have posted since last July. I hope they are useful to you. Fermenting is a great way to boost nutrition and connect with "old wisdom" and our ancestors. Good luck with your search and your beginning practice. Please contact me if any friendly microbes I sold you, do not work. However, I have a road trip to make to Ohio right after the 4th weekend so I will not be available until July 15th. 801-765-4645


  1. found your blog via megan geilman. I will be snooping around your blog now. (:

  2. Thank you for your research, experience and wisdom. I took your fermenting class at LDS Holistic Conf and just loved it! I am excited to get started and am looking for raw milk. You asked me to call you for the info to get hold of Chuck in Mapleton, but I can't find your #. Could you email me? Thanks so much!

  3. I also took your class at the conference. I bought a Kombocha start and had a great first batch. Then with my second batch I got mold. I did some research and realized that you need Green Tea. The second time I just used herbal tea. Unfortunately I had to throw out my scoby. Is there some way I can get a hold of you to buy another start? Thanks!!