Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greetings! Fellow Campers at the Nephi AVOW Campout June 8-11

What a great camp out! Just had to say "Thank You" to those lovely people Perry and I met at the campground in Dog Valley this last week. What an experience! I learned so much from you. 'Thank You' especially to the 35 or so people we crammed into our first-time put up Turtle Tuff geodesic dome tent ( and to those few who gathered outside the opening in the sun to hear me give my presentation on Food Fermentation and the Blood Type Diet. I have never instructed a more receptive and appreciative group in my life! I mean that. I have never had such interested and receptive "students". You are all just amazing. You were strangers at the beginning of camp and now we are truly friends. Thanks too, to Moravec and Whitewater Lady for organizing this camp out. Thanks too, to those wonderful people who helped us put that dome together on Wednesday and then take it down on Saturday. I hope we meet again.....maybe the next camp out, yea! AVOW (Another Voice of Warning
The next post will be my directions for Plant Protein Pilaf as per blood type.

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