Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kefir Class; the Art of Culturing Milk.

I am giving another Kefir class at Real Foods Market in Orem, Saturday, Jan. 14 at 1 pm. Real Foods Market is where I buy raw milk, free range eggs, free range, grass beef, Real Salt and Redmond Clay and a whole bunch of other wonderful, healthy products and produce. It can be found on 800 N. and about 450 West on the north side of 800 N. in Orem. It's a great place to get "Real Food". The cost of the class is $10 but I give out so many tastes of everything and then I sell kefir starters for another $10. I will have starters for other fermented products as well. If you are close, and interested in starting some kind of culturing for your health, this class will be very beneficial for you. Joanne Seal "Mrs. Seal's Kitchen Cultures".

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