Monday, January 2, 2012


New year and new projects; one of them is sprouting. Wow! What have I been missing? A bunch I think. My favorites? fenugreek, sunflower, spelt and lentils. In the picture are lentil and spelt sprouts. I sprouted hulled sunflower seeds only once and didn't like the result so I purchase those now at my local health food store, when I can get them. They have a great flavor and are great in salads but the seeds get slimmy and the sprouts are all crooked and messy. The ones I buy in health food store are straight stemmed and about 3 to 5 inches tall and two cute green leaves. Mine didn't look like that at all. There must be a trick to get them to grow tall towards light and then harvest them without the messy, slimy seeds. I haven't got the process down yet, but I'll work on it.

Fenugreek bulb or plant is on my food list for highly beneficial foods for blood type Os but I haven't eaten those. I sprout and eat the seeds and I love them! They are the easiest to sprout and taste so good to me. They produce a gel that is very good for my gut and they taste really good. Lentils on the other hand, are on my AVOID list for Os but I sprouted them anyway to experiment and ate them and they don't seem to give me trouble. But cooking lentils up in a soup used to give me much bowel disturbance and gas! not good. The sprouting process must neutralize the lectins (abundant and diverse proteins in food) that otherwise give me trouble.

I use wide mouth jars with sprouting lids to sprout. It's so simple. You just soak about an ounce or two of seeds for 2 days in pure water (I use high ph water I harvest twice a day with my "precious prills)(see older blog) then pour off the water and drink it(the soaking water from wheat is so sweet and good) then rotate bottle and let the seeds stick to side of bottle and stay warm in your kitchen with air circulating through the mesh or sprouting lid. Rinse and pour off water in the am and again in pm every day until they are tender to eat and you can see little white tails on them. Put a regular lid on them and store in fridge and eat til they are gone.

I use spelt sprouts in my morning kefir "green smoothie". The others I eat with breakfast eggs, salads and soups. Really a nutrition boost. I believe this is why all that wheat is in our food storage. NOT to grind and make into bread (although if that flour is soaked first,then fermented, it wouldn't be too bad once in a while for Os). Wheat and spelt and other grass type grain is to sprout and provide vitamins and enzymes and fresh "greens" that a high carbohydrate diet, like a food storage diet, couldn't otherwise provide. Hoorah! for sprouts!

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