Sunday, April 15, 2012

Questions about Kefir Culturing

Greetings to those who made their way to my blogspot, especially those who visited my booth at the Super Prep Fair at the UVU Events Center April 6 and 7. I have been out of town visiting family this past week, but I'm back now and can answer questions you might have about the kefir or Kombucha processes. First, contact me through my email address which is at the top in my blog introduction. I really don't know how to answer through this blog. Sometimes I do it right sometimes I don't.
If you scroll through my "older entries" you can find my blogs about kefir and kombucha with pictures and if that doesn't answer your questions then please email me. I can give you a phone number through my email also. I will replace your starters if they won't work for you, just contact me. Thank you for your business.

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