Monday, August 19, 2013

Good News for Salt Lake County; Real Foods Market Opening

Raw Milk and other wonderful natural foods are coming to Salt Lake City!  Real Foods Market is opening a store in Sugarhouse, my old neighborhood.  It's in same area as the Whole Foods Market on Highland Drive.  Real Foods Markets are doing a very good business and they can now open this Salt Lake Location.  Grand Opening is Sept. 28 at 2209 So. Highland Drive.

I am teaching a Raw Milk Kefir and Sauerkraut class there Wednesday,October 30 at 6 pm.  My class has a $10 fee to attend, paid a day or two before event and  will be selling kefir starts and other starts for other cultured or fermented foods.  Check out Real Foods Market on facebook or their website.  
I am a crusader for raw milk and raw milk kefir and cheese.  I know that since adding raw milk kefir to my diet, I have reversed my bone loss and my bones are denser and stronger than 15 years ago.  I am an O blood type and since complying to the O diet, left milk products out of my diet because pasteurized milk products were against the O diet and I have not for years been able to digest lactose. Os  and As as adults just don't digest lactose well or at all.  But when this Real Foods Market opened up here in Orem 3 years ago, and I bought my first set of live kefir grains and started making my own kefir, I have upgraded my health. For 2 reasons 1) kefir is a pro-biotic food that has boosted my gut flora and thus improved my immune system   2) I have another high quality protein food back in my diet.  Os need a lot of high quality protein and raw milk is one of the best. 

I am excited for the folks in Salt Lake County who can now get raw milk with all it's great nutrition for themselves and especially for their children.  

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