Thursday, June 26, 2014

Classes in July and August

     I will be teaching classes on fermenting;  July 15th at 6:30 at the Herb Shop on State Street (89) in Orem just a couple blocks south of Center Street.  The shop is on the west side of State Street.  No fee.  It will be about 1 1/2 hrs and I will have  kefir, kombucha and sourdough starts to sell as well as my dairy strainer cloths and some air lock lids and Prills.  

     The August class will be at my house on the 7th at 7.   727 N. 450 East in Orem.  I will be teaching all things fermenting with focus on fermented vegetables for the harvest season.  But I will talk about the benefits of pulse based diet and sourdough as well.  No fee.

     Class at the Herb Shop was great!   Thanks for coming any of you that came because of this blog, thank you!   I was a bit overwhelmed with so many, and I think Susan and Dustin were too.  I only expected 20 at the most, but it was great to see so many.  I didn't bring back much food, that was a good thing, nor my print-outs.   I sold out of just about everything, especially kefir grains and it will take a couple weeks to build my supply back up.  Great questions and thank you for being so patient with me and answers.  Looks like a lot of people will be getting started with fermented foods which makes me happy.  

     Next class will be at my house, Thurs. Aug. 7 at 7.   Please come if you could not make this week's class.  No fee again just bring a lot of questions and willingness to try new foods and new tastes.     

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  1. I so enjoyed your class and I am looking forward to your next class. I am from Mesa Arizona and will be here in Utah for another 6 weeks. I hope to learn all I can about fermenting my foods. I know my body will be happy. I met you at the Real Food store.