Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fermented Radishes

     Radishes?  I do not like fresh radishes....never have.  I do not like the sharpness, the hotness?  whatever it is, I do not like it.   But....fermented..... they are delightful!
     Look at that color!  isn't that wonderful?  

     I bought a bunch of radishes, just the regular red variety, then I added about 3 white and 3 black radishes.  I cleaned, and sliced them thin and cut in half and loaded one of my liter fermenting bottles  "" and added 1 TBS. Real Salt and chlorine-free water.  6 days later I stuck them in the fridge but opened them the next day for a class and what a surprise! 

 That hot, sharp flavor, that some people do like, had mellowed out and these pickles were wonderful.  They never did make it to the basement.  They are almost gone.  By the way, those white radishes are the most beautiful red fan pattern in the inside.  The black ones are just white but all of them are pink now.  I finally like radishes!

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