Monday, July 28, 2014

August 7 Class at 7

     August 7 class at 7 here at my home on Vegetable ferments and proper grain preparation with a new(old) wheat ferment called Rejuvelac and Apple Cider Vinegar.   No fee.  

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     Wow!   another very large turnout for class last night.   Thank you all for coming.  I apologize for not having enough chairs and printouts for everyone and I'm sorry I couldn't get around to talk to more people.   

     Besides my regular fermented sample foods, I had some Rejuvelac to taste which is a fermented water begerage made from sprouted wheat.  Most said it tasted nasty, but I liked it and was very impressed with it's pro-biotic and nutritional benefits when I did some research a few days ago.  I think I am going to keep doing this for my self.   An old pint of sauerkraut from last Sept. was wonderful when I opened it last night....still bubbly and very alive and flavor was great.    
     I made a batch of wheat sourdough crackers with sunflower, flax and chia seeds that turned out very good.  I am going to make more and air-lock bottle them for future quick snacks.   

     I will do another home class but not until October sometime.   Meanwhile, I have 2 other classes scheduled;  Sat. Aug 23 in Syracuse, Utah from 11-1   and another one in Mt. Pleasant Utah, at 1 pm.    If you are interested in attending either one of those classes, I will email you the location and the hostess's number.     

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