Monday, August 11, 2014

Fruit Fly Traps

Harvest is here!   And with it come the fruit flies. Ugh!  Last year I bought a couple commercial fruit fly traps and they worked, but this year I wanted to create my own. Fruit flies are drawn to fermenting or over-rip fruit so I placed a couple really ripe/rotten apricot halves on a small plate with glass covering them.  Lifting one edge with a pencil allows the flies to find the fruit but they don't seem to know where to exit.  They fly up to the top/bottom of the glass.  I can pull the pencil out and trap them.  I take the plate and trapped flies outside on the sidewalk and the hot sun kills them. Ha!  then rinse the plate and glass with garden hose. 

This trap uses a tall glass with some kombucha or apple cider vinegar in the bottom and with the corner of an old zip lock bag cut out...tiny hole, the flies are attracted to the smell of fermentation and find their way in but cannot find their way out and are trapped.   Same killing method....outside in sun for couple hours. 
Easy methods that work!  yea!

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