Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seminars upcoming this Spring

Real Foods Market in Orem is gracious enought to have me again teach a couple seminars in their store on 800 North in Orem this spring. The first Fermenting seminar is Sat. Feb. 19 at 1:00pm. It will be like the ones I did in 2010. I will decant Komcucha and everyone will get a starter, I will bring 3 vegetable ferments and everyone will get tastes, I will bring my own sourdough spelt bread with ghee and everyone will get tastes, I will bring some sourdough starters for sale, I will bring my pumpkin seed ferment as a nut butter and of course everyone gets to taste that too and I will bring some either multigrain mini-muffins or fermented cake. I will teach how to separate whey from yogurt to get the living lacto-bacillus and have some 11x14" poyester strainer clothes for sale. I will also bring a few Precious Prill bags for sale; these magnesium crystals turn tap water into pure, high alkaline water good for lacto-bacillus. It's always hard to pack so much into an hour and half and still have time for comments and questions but we manage to do it and have fun in the process. The cost for these seminars is $10 per person and it is so worth it.

The second seminar will be in Heber at the Real Foods Market up there on Satuday, March 29. Seminar same as above.

The Third seminar is Sat. April 23. And this one will be a little different. I may be partnering up with Michelle and we will teach how and why to use alternative grains. We will discuss the importance of soaking grains and what that can do to boost nutrition. I will discuss the difference between hybridizing and GMO and what that difference means in terms of nutrition. Wheat sensitivies will be discussed with recipes shared using alternative grains. Food storage with alternative grains will also be discussed. Of course samples will be part of this seminar too. Sally Fallon's article "Be Kind to Your Grains" is the inspiration for this very practical seminar. This one will also have a $10 fee.

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