Saturday, January 29, 2011

Holistic Conference in June in So. Jordan

Well this news is exciting for me.....I just got accepted to be one of the speakers at a holistic conference to be held in So. Jordan, Utah the end of June. The organizers invited me to submit a proposal before Christmas and I submitted 3. Two were accepted and the one on fermentation will be repeated twice. Check it out Click on speakers.

The organizer who contacted me learned about my work with food microbes from the REAL FOODS MARKET here in Orem where I have been giving seminars on food fermentation. I don't know any of the other speakers, so if anyone I know out there knows any of those other people, please email me or comment here and tell me what you know. I hope a few people I know go to this conference.

I will get a venders booth also where I can sell strainer cloths, prill crystals (for high ph water), sourdough starter, kombucha starter, ghee, maybe kefir pearls and give out samples of our new no-sugar chocolate bar . Registration opens March 1.

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