Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Kefir

I have a new "pet". I consider all my microbe colonies "pets" have to feed them and nurture them to keep them alive and well and growing. In return they produce the amazing enzymes and vitamins so beneficial for health.

My new "pet" are water kefir pearls. They are so easy to feed and keep happy. Their water product is kinda like a natural soda pop. I tried to get photo big enough to see them at the bottom. They are crystal colored and the size of beans and stained brown due to the brown sugar.

You add these microbe colonies to pure water and some natural sugar. By pure water I mean,filtered water and chlorine-free and higher ph than neutral. I take city tap water a gallon at a time and fill my large glass container that has a bag of "prills" in the bottom, and cover with a clean cloth and let sit a few hours. While sitting, the chlorine is pushed out and evaporates and the "prills" raise the ph of the water to about 8.5. I pour off 3 quarts of water at a time into another container on my counter with a spigot and that is the water I use for all drinking, cooking and fermenting. "Prills" are magnesium crystals that do not dissolve. I've had my bag for about 2 years now and they are still working. I have a link to the website where you can order the "prills". It really is a great deal for about $20.

Water kefir pearls eat/consume sugar. You can use the plain, no nutrition white sugar, or more natural, dark sugars with organic compounds sill intact. I use succanant and agave.

To one quart pure water add
4 ounces of sugar, any combination you want

Stir to dissolve, add the kefir grains, cover and date and set on counter at room temperature for 1-2 days. How long it ferments depends on how sweet you want the taste. The longer fermentation the less sweet it becomes. When it has fermented to your taste, strain the pearls and start another quart or put them into cold storage in some pure water with just a little sugar. They should keep about a week but then take them out warm them up and prepare more sugar for them. I've noticed something fun about these kefir grains....they bounce up and down in the liquid as they consume the sugar. Maybe the milk kefir grains do that too but milk is opaque and I haven't seen them. These grains look like they are happy and dancing!

Well fermented water should be a little bubbly and slightly sweet.


  1. I love your blog. I just purchased the grains and seeds to make my pilaf and build my food storage.

    I have a couple of questions. Why do you strain 3 qts off after 2 hours and leave the other quart with the prills? What if I left the prills in a gallon + container overnight and then we drink off/use the water for the rest of the day? I guess... I just don't know why you transfer it to the other container and not leave it and use it regularly from the original.

    If water kefir is suppose to taste slightly sweet, does that mean some of the sugars are still present or does the kefir eat all of it? I am on an anti-candida diet and can't consume sugar. What if I left the kefir a little longer so it was slightly sour and then used the flavored sweetleaf stevia to flavor the beverages... would it still taste like soda pop?


  2. Oh, and on the prill instructions it says to wait 24 hours. Why do you only wait 2?

  3. Wendy, Yes, if water kefir still tastes sweet, it does mean the microbes haven't had enough time to consume all the sugar. Give them more time if you don't want the sugar yourself. I sometimes put some cut up fresh fruit the last hours of fermentation to give it a fruity flavor. If you have more questions call me 801-765-4645 as I am having trouble answering questions on my own blog. I am such an amataur.