Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Salt Lake City gets a Real Foods Market: Raw Milk!

Salt Lake City is so fortunate to soon have a source of  REAL MILK= RAW MILK!   I'm not sure of the opening date, but this is long overdue.   As far as I know, there is no commercial source for raw milk in Salt Lake City.  Real Foods Market is a pioneer retailer in that they bend over backwards to supply truly raw, nutritious milk for real people.   Raw milk from healthy, pasture-fed jersey cows is a gift from God, and it's coming to Salt Lake City,   My friend Laura Bradford who is a manager at the Orem, Real Foods Market, is leaving Utah County to go to the new store on Fort Union Blvd and manage there.   Many of us will miss her here in Utah County.  Please go to the Real Foods Market website to get opening time and address.

Why do I rave about raw milk?    Well, it is highly of those foods that is "nutrient dense"  and I believe it has helped strengthen my bones!   10 years ago when I knew that milk was bad for me ( that is, pasteurized milk products)  I dropped it from my diet and had been off it for many years.  I could not digest the milk sugar, lactose.   A condition common to most adults esp.  As and Os. (see a previous blog)  I was then practicing the mediteranian, vegetarian diet.....sort of.   I had a bone density test back then as suggested  by my doctor and considering my age, 56, had it done.  The doctor was concerned and said that my bones were on the low end of the scale, with bone loss which put me in the beginning stages of osteoporosis.  He wrote out a perscription  for a drug that would improve the condition and told me to exercise  more.  I did not get that perscription filled but did the exercise and  added calcium, magnesium supplements to my diet.

 10 years later, during the LDS Holistic Living Conference in June in which I was one of the speakers, I got another bone density test from a Chiropracter (HealthQuest Chiropractic of Murray) who had a booth in the hallway of the school where the conference was.  He had an electronic device that can read the density of your bones from your hand. My average bone mineral density was recorded as 61.37  and my T score was 1.08.   Note from this paper says that a T score number between -1 and +1 is in the normal range.  Mine was 1.08 slightly higher than normal!    My bones came back!   This was wonderful news to me.  

Raw Milk kefir which I have been making and consuming for almost 3 years now, has had something to do with my bone recovery, I believe.  Within that decade I also finished  menopause, started practicing the Blood Type Diet for Os ( definitely not vegetarian), added bio-identical hormones, got married again and  started using fermented products, the best of which is raw milk kefir.   I say, a woman CAN reverse bone loss.   I also say, raw milk is a gift from God.     

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  1. Guess not. The place in SLC that Real Foods Market was looking at...fell through. No new plans yet.