Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Take this Drought Seriously!

We have been watching all summer with mounting concern the news reports and maps of many different sources about this summer's extreme temperatures and the drought that has much of our county in it's grips.  I don't have my own pictures of drought, as my garden gets watered every night with city water and it is struggling here in Utah County because of the heat, but those folks who live on farms and ranches in the rest of the country are seeing some real damage to their crops and livestock because of lack of rain.  This drought of 2012 is serious and food is going to get expensive and scarce.
I am a believer in being prepared.  So, if you think that this drought won't concern you, please think again and  be warned and then do something.   Stock up now on food for the short term and long term while you can and can afford it.  It will within the next few months get very pricey.

Ranchers are sending their animals to slaughter now, those that are still alive and marketable because they cannot continue to wait for better water and feed.   They can't just watch their animals die and  with them their livelihood..  So, for the short term meat prices should be low and meat plentiful, so stock up and  fill that freezer if you can.  After that, meat will become scarce and expensive.  Dairies are having a hard time too with little water and expensive feed because pasture has dried up.   A lot of dairies will have to send their herds to slaughter too.  This will be very sad for those of us who love and live for raw milk.  The raw milk farmers struggle against overwhelming government regulations as it is and are so ready to shut them down if a microbe count gets a little too high and that is happening with this extreme heat even with the most scrupulous clean dairies.  I don't know what to do about stocking up on  raw milk...there's only so much freezer space.
Stock up on grains and legumes (not soy!) the government won't have any for us as they will have to sell whatever comes in to other countries like China. (after all, China has a huge claim on America because of  all the debts they have purchased off us).  Last year, our government sold off our wheat reserves and this year, America won't be producing enough food for our neighbors let alone American Citizens. Take a look at any number of online sources of news and get pictures of this, the second Great American Drought.  It's real and it's going to get worse and it will effect every citizen.  I urge my family and my readers to please get some food stored now.  Take this drought seriously!

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