Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kefir and Fermenting Class in Layton

Thank you, Belinda  for hosting this event in your kitchen last night.  It gave me another chance to do what I love to do;  teach other women how to get more nutrition out of food through fermenting and culturing.   It was a wonderful place and event. The guests were all younger than me which I am grateful for because they are the mothers of young  children and it means that these children have a greater chance of growing up strong and healthy.

 Thank you, women and mothers who came last night!  It was wonderful getting to know you and sharing my crazy obsession with you.  Those who bought starters from me, remember,  Call or email me whenever, even if it is several months from now if you think your kefirs, kombucha "scoby"  or natural yeasts are dead.
Call me and I can replace them or suggest ways to" bring them back". Call or email me if you want to talk about the blood type diet or any other health crisis.   The Lord has blessed mankind recently with all kinds of  discoveries and healing products and procedures that are a little on the "fringe" but have amazing powers.  It is worth a conversation to explore some of these things.
 It was a fun evening for me and I was happy and awake on the drive back to Orem.

 We live in extraordinary times!

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