Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins Seeds: Soak, Ferment, Salt and Dry

I am revisiting this great snack food for blood type Os that I blogged about a couple years ago.  It's been a long time since I prepared these and I did recently and found them so satisfying!  Pumpkin seeds are listed as a beneficial food for Os.  That means, these seeds help heal the intestinal tract of Os....goes beyond just being a  neutral food.

The process goes like this;   soak 1 cup raw pumpkin seeds in pure water a quart jar full , for 3-4 days with a paper or cloth on the top held by elastic band.  By the 4th day these seeds will stink, I mean STINK!   Not to worry.  It is because the lacto-bacillus on the surface of the seeds are being activated and are growing and consuming some of the sugars in the seeds and on the surface (this is the fermenting process). The soaking also neutralizes the phytic acid on all seeds, nuts and grains which is a good thing too.

 At the end of 4th day, drain the not rinse them.  They will be sticky, stinky and slimy but this is good!
Now, lay them out on a plate...a smooth surface and while sticky, sprinkle with Real Salt or other high mineral, sea salt. Let them dry for a day or two.  Or place in an oven just on warm until dry.

When completely dry, store in a covered container and eat.   For a blood type O, the taste is very satisfying.

In my former blog, I went a step further and processed the wet, stinky seeds and made a paste of them and salted the paste and added butter or ghee.   I stopped making this because it was just too much work.  Letting seeds dry with salt on them is much easier and the great taste is still there.   I guess, after drying you could drizzle some liquid coconut oil or ghee on them too.

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