Monday, October 8, 2012

Coconut Oil; Eat and Wear It....10 Crazy Ideas!

     It's been a couple years since we introduced virgin coconut oil into our diets and I must say, we are sick less than we used to be.  Cause and effect?  Could be, I'm sold on the stuff and we have lots in our food storage.
We  (husband) and I are convinced that coconut oil is helping our immune systems keep the pathogens at bay and providing good nourishment in the form of medium and short chain fatty acids and beneficial diatary cholesterol.  We wear it too.  It's a great sunscreen that won't let you burn in the sun but you will tan.  I've been wearing it all summer and I've noticed some irritating skin problems have disappeared ( can't be more specific because I didn't take note at the time)  and my face loves it.

     We saw a video a while ago about a woman doctor whose husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer  who started to get back some of his cognitive abilities when she fed him big spoonfuls of coconut oil,  about 3 a day over many weeks.( Sorry, don't have the link for this)  She just reasoned that an Alzheimer's brain is like a diabetic isn't taking in glucose, no fuel.  She thought she might try coconut oil because the key-tones that are made from coconut oil can be used by brain cells as fuel also. In the video she showed a test he took that over 3 months improved drastically.  That video was one reason we stared using coconut oil another was a small book by Dr. Bruce Fife, " Virgin Coconut Oil; Natures's Miracle Medicine".

     Crazy thing is,  all the other parts of coconut not good for me.  I've tried a few times to cook with and eat coconut meat, coconut milk and water, coconut sugar and coconut flour.  My body says  NO to all of those but the oil is super good for me.  The Blood Type Diet food lists also said coconut not good for Os and so I stayed away, but the oil is good for me.  Same with Olives.  Can't eat the black or green olives, but the oil is good for me.  go figure!

Idea 1;   Almond butter;   Can't eat peanut butter so use almond butter but so boring without some kind of flavoring.  I get fresh ground almond butter from HF store.  To 1 cup at a time, I mix 2 TBS  virgin coconut oil, some Real Salt and about 2 tsps. molasses.   So Good!   eat that with some sliced apples, carrots or celery.  Great car traveling food.

Idea 2;    Morning eggs cooked in coconut oil.   Most mornings I have some chopped vegetables fried up with 1 or 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, the refined kind with no coconut flavor.   I must have high protein breakfast so no carbs for me.

Idea 3;   Yams with coconut oil, the unrefined kind that tastes and smells like coconut.  Several ways I do this cause we don't eat white potatoes any hard to digest all that starch for Os and Bs.  We discovered that yams, the orange sweet potato was much easier to digest.  

Idea 4;   Drizzle melted coconut oil on dried kale.  That's right, Kale.  I air dry a bunch of kale and then stack the dried leaves on a plate and drizzle melted coconut oil over the leaves and then lightly salt them.  If hot day, I put plate in the fridge and let them harden and then ut in a zip lock bag.  Surprisingly, kale is the most chewable and delicious of all the leafy greens to do this with.  Great snack!

Idea 5;  Melted coconut butter on hot morning oatmeal.  My husband eats hot cooked oatmeal every day and his choice of fat is coconut oil.  I soak his oatmeal overnight with plain water which he doesn't need to drain off in the morning.   I sometimes put in some flaxseed meal or chia seeds with the oatmeal to soak also.
After he cooks it, he flavors it with some sea salt, honey, coconut oil and some raw milk with the cream.  Raisins and walnuts are good with this breakfast too.

 Idea 6;  One of our favorite snacks is a mixture of nuts and dried fruit with coconut oil and sea salt.  My usual mix goes like this:  some toasted, broken almond pieces (buy in bulk section of HFS), some soaked and dried walnut pieces, a few toasted macadamia nuts, some pecan pieces and for dried fruit I add some raisins, crasins, my own dried black cherries, dried apple peices and dried blueberries (from Costco).  My husband likes an even mixture of nuts and fruit....if too many nuts he won't eat.  Mix all  in a large bowl  with 1/4 -1/3 cup coconut oil and sprinkled with Real Salt.   It's very satisfying and energy producing.  I mix up large batches of it and store in smaller plastic containers in the basement.  That way they are "grab'n go".

Idea 7;  Another in-between meal pic-me-up is a slice of my own natural yeast whole spelt bread with some honey spread that creamed honey  then top off with thick layer of coconut oil.  So good!   follow with a cold glass of raw milk kefir or just raw milk!

Idea 8;  Whole grain muffins with coconut oil as the fat.
             Wet Stuff                                                      Dry  Stuff
             2 eggs                                                           1/3 cup flaxseed meal
             1/3 cup or 5 TBS  coconut oil, melted            2/3 cup spelt flour
             1/2 cup kefir or yogurt or whey or milk          1/3 cup  oat flour
             1/2 cup honey or agave nectar                       1/3  cup millet flour
             1/2 cup natural yeast starter                           1/3 cup brn rice flour
                                                                                  3/4 tsp.  sea salt
                                                                                  1/2  tsp.  baking soda
                                                  optional;  hand full raisins and walnuts
              Mix everything except the baking soda together the night before you bake these.  The grain flours must soak for 8 hours or more to neutralize the phytic acid on them and the natural yeast need to work on the starches and the gluten in the spelt flour. Right before baking at 350, add the baking will make everything puff up a bit, then fill your muffin paper cups and bake  15-20 minutes.  When you take them out of the oven, spread more coconut oil on the hot tops.


Idea 9;  Coconut oil in morning Smoothie.   Coconut oil will go hard below 76 degrees and everything I take out of fridge is cold, so the blender just reduces it to tiny globules which adds a certain texture to your smoothie.   We use homemade kefir to start, say 2 cups in the blender, then 1 cup pineapple juice and about a cup of fresh pineapple then a hand full of spinach.  and a TBS of coconut oil. Other healthy things can go in there also; like ocatea essential oil, some Sun Warrior Supergreens powder, some BLM Powder ( bones, ligaments and muscle)  from Young Living and other banana really ripe, fresh peach maybe some blueberries and if not sweet enough for hubby, a shake of stevia.

Idea 10;   Chocolate Treat;   I mix equal parts of soft virgin coconut oil and cocoa powder then add sweetening.  I have used stevia and it is very good but other sweeteners work too.  I sometimes put in some nuts or dried fruit.  I mix this in little containers and eat it with a little spoon.  Wow! it's good.

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