Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Cure Tooth Decay"

     That's the title of a book that caught my attention several weeks ago when our dentist diagnosed both me and my husband with a problem tooth each.  He wanted us to schedule appointments right then and there to either pull the infected teeth or have root canals done.  
     I convinced my husband that it would be worth our while to try  Ramel Nagel's protocol for a few weeks first and see if we could "re-mineralize" our decayed teeth. 
     I read the book, purchased the recommended supplements of  Factor X Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil ( by Green Pastures) and started us both on the protocol to heal our teeth.  That was back in February.  There is a lot more the protocol besides these two supplements. 
     Mr. Nagel, bases his book on his own experiences and research by Dr. Weston A. Price, an early 20th Century Dentist who studied the health and teeth of indigenous peoples in Switzerland, Australia and other out-of-the-way places where the people hadn't been "westernized" yet and still ate their traditional diets.  What he found is that when the people stuck to their traditional diets, their teeth were close to perfect and had no tooth decay.  When they started eating westernized food high in starches and sugar and lacking in natural minerals and vitamins, then they too suffered severe tooth decay. 
     "Cure Tooth Decay" is a strict diet protocol that uses principles of nutrition compatible with the "GAPS" diet and the Weston A. Price Foundation.  You have to eliminate sugar in all it's forms and unfermented, grains as well.  You have to add into your diet, bone broth, raw milk, good fats, organ meats like liver, meats, seafoods, vegetables and some fruit.  This means preparing most of your own meals from scratch/raw ingredients.  It's work.  
     The work part didn't scare me off, I all ready do that....but leaving alone all sweets was harder.  My husband found he could do it, but it was harder for him.  Doing the work of reducing the phytic acid from our grains was difficult too....not impossible but just some more work for me.  All ready making my own sourdough bread, muffins and pancakes was a good start.   

      Remembering to take the oil vitamin (D and A) supplements (Factor X Butter oil and Fermented Cod Liver oil)  before every meal got to be an habit and still is.  The fermented Cod Liver Oil is not as bad tasting as it may sound.  They flavor it up with orange and cinnamon, but really not needed.....wait, maybe for husbands and children. 
     So, how did it work?  Well, I lost my back molar.  Xray picture in February, compared to picture a week ago looked the same, maybe a tad worse.  Decay was still there and my pain and discomfort with the tooth got worse.  I didn't want a root canal (don't have any others) so I elected to have it pulled.  It had a 3 yr old cap on it with large filling under the cap, so there wasn't much of the tooth left...not much tooth to re-mineralize.  The decay had gotten into one of the roots and it was very painful.  It had been traumatized a lot over the years.  
     The pulling of it by an ortho surgeon, was difficult.  It took longer than he predicted and he had to drill and chip it out.  But.....he said later that he didn't expect my jaw bone to be so hard (for a woman my age...68)!  He didn't say that but that was the "jist" of his comment.  So I am thinking that the protocol "worked" for my bones and perhaps my other teeth. He said that if the rest of my bones were as hard as my jaw, then I must be in pretty good shape.  

     My husband, just got his tooth, root "canaled".  Same thing, I believe;  a tooth traumatized over the years, not much left, filling and a cap.  But....he feels like his teeth are stronger.  He has complained for years about his "weak teeth" and now finally he thinks they are really stronger. 

     I wish I had known about this process years ago.  I think I could have avoided a lot of dental work.  If I had children now I would have them on this protocol.  I would recommend it for anyone interested in saving some dental chair time and expense.  We will keep using these supplements and will continue the diet but modified a bit.   


  1. Have you consulted with your dentist about that regimen? What did he say? Perhaps, with the state of the tooth, there was nothing to "re-mineralize" and everything went to your jaws and bones. Had you checked out your other teeth if they had gotten stronger? It seems like this "regimen" is working quite well for you guys. I wouldn't mind having stronger teeth and bones myself. Keep us posted in the developments!

    Byron Kennedy @ A Plus Family Dentistry

  2. This post was very interesting and informative, so thank you for taking the time to write it up and publish it. I have found that even with natural cures and remedies, it is still important to go to your local dentist every few months just to keep up with your hygiene and to make sure that any major problems are taken care of.

    Maricela Gauthier @ Dentist Newport Beach