Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kefir Cheese Dehydrated

In the bowl with spoon is my kefir cheese that I got by separating the whey from the caseine by using my Dairy Strainer Cloth ( I show how this is done in older blogs and in my classes)....you can see the cloth on the wooden board and the scraper tool I use to get it off the cloth. The cloth cleans up very fast in warm water and dries fast also.  It is a polyester fabric designed for use in 'silk screen' printing. I do sell those at my classes for $10.  

I flavor the kefir cheese with either honey, maple syrup, garlic powder and salt or curry and other spices and herbs.  Nice thing about cheese is that it can flavor up sweet or savory.  Once flavored, if I know I am not going to consume it within 3 days, I spread it out on some clear plastic trays ( that came with my L'Quip dehydrator) and dry it.   

In the front of the picture is a snack size, zip lock bag with some dehydrated kefir cheese.  These bags are labeled and kept in the fridge.  I've used them to flavor commercially sold sour cream and to inoculate ( takes about 2-3 days) the commercial product with living kefir microbes, which of course, are  better pro-biotics than the commercial varieties.  

I know, a lot of trouble, but I can't imagine a future without my raw milk kefir and this is a small way to prepare for an uncertain future.   

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