Monday, January 5, 2015

Eating Water Kefir Grains

My water kefir grains are working well and they are reproducing well.  But, husband won't drink the kefir water.   I got water kefir grains basicly for him.  I all ready have my kombucha which I love but he won't drink and other fermented beverages so I do not need another one and I cannot keep up with the production.  He won't drink the kefir water because of the gets syrupy.  If I cut the fermentation short to prevent the syrupy, it has too much sweetness/sugar and that is not good for him either.  I have tried to prevent the syrupy result, but no success.  If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please email me. 

     In the meantime, I will keep them going but only in a pint jar and I am going to eat the extra kefir grains.  They are very different in texture from my milk kefir grains.  They are bland tasting so I put a few in with my breakfast cereal ( pulse for blood type O) and they are good that way, I also blend them with my milk kefir smoothies....kefir, pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, spinach, some berries if I have them, and maybe a piece of ripe banana.  Good that way too. Another pro-biotic food source.