Monday, January 5, 2015

Fermented Barley Water: A Mild Grain Beverage

This is an old post but I felt to bring it up again as I have been making it the last few weeks and it is something my husband will drink.  (Husbands and children are the ultimate testors for fermented foods and beverages).

We have had the cold virus and flu virus between the two of us, through the holidays like everyone else, but our cases have been very mild when I compare what other people are suffering.  I would like to think it is because of our healthy diets and the pro-biotic foods we eat. 

 And this one beverage has been really helpful especially for my husband who is so picky about my other array of fermented beverages. 

It is easy and very mild tasting but packs a whole lot of health benefits.( benefits are listed in old blog here or you can research the benefits from other blogs online)  

1 ounce of hulled barley (not pearled) needs to have the hull still on
to 1 quart of chlorine-free water
let sit on counter at room temp for 2 days. (sprouting and fermenting taking place)
Pour off the water straining out the barley and reserve both.
Then put the barley in a pot with another quart of water and bring it to a boil, reduce the temperature, cover and gently cook for an hour.  Cool down, strain the barley out and throw out or feed chickens or use in soup.  Combine the reserved water with the cooked (pinkish) water and divide between 2 half gallon jars and add more chlorine-free water.  Cover and let sit on counter at room temperature.  Consume as desired.
Start process over with another ounce of barley water.

For LDS folks   DC 89; 17
Rejuvelac made from wheat also fits this verse.    

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