Monday, January 5, 2015

Wheat Intolerance, Celiac, and Glyphsoate.

Wheat sensitivities are widespread. They say true celiacs are rare but a lot of people claim they cannot eat wheat anymore because of gluten....or the starch....or both.   There are a lot of people trying to figure this out. 

 I have learned from many sources, and have taught that it is a combination of things like;  over hybridization starting in the early 50s (and with that came super gluten and starch that are difficult to digest). More than anything is the industrial "overuse" of wheat and it's byproducts by the consumer always looking for convenience, and then there is the "speed" at which the food industry must turn a raw material into a finished product (which counteracts the ancient, ancestral ways of preparing grains for food) and then the arrival on the market in 1984 of synthetic yeasts or quick-rise yeasts that were designed to work fast. We also have the possibility that the wheat on the market now is GMO wheat.  The industry loudly denounce this but I don't know.
If all this were not bad enough, it is now being reported that a recent farming practice(within the last 18-15 years or so) that is thought to be "harmless" is really turning out to be one more "crime against nature".  It is glyphosate. 

 Glyphosate is a  round-up herbicide that is sprayed on the mature wheat plants to kill them and of course any other weeds in the field.  As the wheat plants die, they quickly produce a few more grains of wheat....a plant's defense.  Which is a bonus for the farmer as it produces a greater crop yield....more money.  But, and this is a big "But"....this poison gets into the wheat kernels themselves, not just the bran but into the endosperm.  Could this poison be part of the combination mix that is making people sick? 

 Read this link.  This is the third article I've seen lately implicating glyphosate.

     If this is true, then modern wheat could very easily be harmful to humanity.  The industry doesn't care, until the demand for wheat goes down and with it their profits. This article does ask the question; "can this chemical poison be ameliorated?"  It doesn't say.  And I don't know either.  

     What I have decided to do is to keep the wheat I have purchased for storage....good or bad, old or new.  I believe the answer to this question will come forth in the future when our lives depend on wheat because that is all that we will have to eat.  I also believe that prayer over this food when we have to depend on it for survival, will take care of the damage done to it and it will be made useful and even healthful for human consumption.  

     In the meantime, I will continue to grind my wheat and other grains, sprout my wheat and make rejuvelac and continue to make sourdough bread, muffins, crackers and pancakes and the occasional dessert. And of course, pray over all the food I serve.  But will not give up on "wheat for man".  Perhaps sprouting and sourdough natural yeasts can diminish the poison, I don't know yet, but I do know there will be ways to overcome the problems. I will encourage people with wheat sensitivities to keep their stored wheat and purchase more if needed... looking for organic suppliers. 

 Such as "Wheat Montana" brand flours.  They go to great lengths to test their wheat to prove it chemical free.   There are other growers I'm sure and with some research they can be found.  

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