Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kefir Class in Orem

     First Kefir class of 2015 will be at the Real Foods Market in Orem,  Thurs. March 12  at 5:30.    Real Foods Market is on 800 North and 400 West.   This class will be on making your own milk kefir with the old world kefir grains which I  will sell there.   I will also have some water kefirs and I will talk about the wider topic of "lacto-fermentation" using whey to enrich other foods that have been canned to bring them back to life.   I will have my " Dairy Strainer Cloths" to sell, that strain the whey from the caseine so you get kefir cheese.   Of course I will have taste samples  and there is no fee.  

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