Monday, October 19, 2015

New Size Jars for Fermented "Pickles"

I just found these pint 'n half jars at my local with wide mouths!   I bought these and filled them with califlowers, garlics, pickling cucumbers, pearl onions and dill and pickling spices for flavors I love.  I've got my air lock devices on the top with one missing a lid, and they are fermenting away.  

 This was 6 weeks ago and now they have the regular metal bands and lids on them and are in the small fridge in the back room.  No need to transfer food to another jar.  

I opened two of  them today and tasted and they are perfect!   I will take 3 of them to a class tomorrow night in Fountain Green, Utah.   

This one is in one of my 3 "Pickleit" jars I bought a few years ago.  With this jar, I just remove the air lock device and put the red rubber plug in.  No need to transfer the food to another jar for storage.  I had enough vegetables left over to use this jar.  

See the pink plastic?   That is the one with missing top cap.  Top cap has tiny holes in it to let the carbon dioxide gas out but the air with mold spores that comes into it cannot get pass the water in the air lock.  I used a piece of plastic with punched tiny holes, and elastic to do the job.  It worked.

I love these jars! Gonna buy more if I see them again. 

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