Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Satan's Perfect Food

If Satan could invent  (he all ready has) the perfect food that would kill slowly and cause most of the diseases known to modern man and be addictive but not against any law and yet be "pushed" by the most decent and nicest people even to children and welcomed at all social gatherings...what would it be?  (sorry I don't know source for this quote)

Yes,   sugar.   You knew that and everyone knows that but we consume tons of it anyway.  

My husband is on a no sugar diet for a few months...maybe forever and it is very hard for him.  Understand, he is not overweight or has diabetes or even eats that much sugar but...
some of his internal organs are damaged and are not taking nutrients or even discharging metabolic waste.   Sugar damage and starch too.  So we are very aware of sugar in foods and are trying to avoid it all together....me too.    

Now for those who are LDS, I have a question for you....if sugar is so harmful why is it not mentioned in DC 89?    Other harmful substances are....alcohol, tobacco, hot drinks (which are interpreted to be classic tea and coffee)  but sugar is not and it was common back in the days of early Church.  

I don't currently have an answer but I keep asking different people. What do you think? 

(I wish I had a picture, but my files do not have pictures of anything with sugar except my kombucha and we have given that up for a while too)  

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