Friday, November 2, 2012

Adzuki Beans, Amaranth and Walnuts; Great Foods for As and Os

I've been preaching the Blood Type Diet and living it for 6 years now and still discovering new things.   These two foods I have recently been experimenting with and found my body likes them, digests them easily without gas or constipation or discomfort.  Once cooked, I've been combining them as a sweet treat and it is very satisfying.

Cooking Adzuki beans.  They are small and red and cook easily.
1 cup dry Adzuki beans in a quart of water, soak over night.
Cook next day in same water.  Bring to high heat for first few minutes then reduce heat and simmer 1 hour,
with lid.   Add almost 1 tsp. Real Salt and simmer another 1/2 hr or until tender.

Cooking Amaranth. This ancient So. American staple looks like millet (African staple) only smaller.
3/4 cup amaranth in a quart of water
add 2 TBS whole flax seeds  (another beneficial food for As, Os and Bs)
add 2 TBS  chia seeds  ( either beneficial or neutral for all 4 blood types)
Soak over night (soaking neutralizes the phytic acid on all grains, seeds and nuts)
All three of these foods create a "gelatinous" material  when soaked which is highly
nutritious for the gut of As and Os.
Start cooking low and allow to simmer low and slow with lid, for an hour and half or more
as needed.

Walnuts have strong phytic acid on them so they need to be soaked for a day and then laid out to dry before storing.  Those who don't like walnuts find that they taste the bitterness of phytic acid so when this is neutralized by water soaking, the bitter taste is gone. Walnuts are beneficial for all 4 blood types.  

I took a scoop of both the cooked beans and the cooked amaranth and combined them in a bowl and added some melted coconut oil, some honey, some walnuts (previously soaked and dried)  and some cream.  This was so good!   very satisfying  and yet not upsetting to my gut.

I keep both cooked foods in the fridge in separate containers and find that they go with eggs and vegetables in the morning for breakfast or any other food  later for lunch and dinner.  They digest easily for As and Os
which is a boon for mixed marriages.  

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