Monday, November 5, 2012

Sauerkraut "Stomp"

For those who live in Utah County, or close by, I will come to your house and teach you and others that you invite, how to make your own healthy, pro-biotic, living food, tasty, inexpensive, life changing and healing SAUERKRAUT!   Making your own sauerkraut is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to start fermenting your food.  Properly fermented sauerkraut is an alkaline food that is preserved by lactic acid which tastes like vinegar but when consumed, turns alkaline and is very "gut" friendly.   Cabbage juice is very beneficial for healing damaged gut but fermented cabbage juice is a SUPER healer!   There are no starts to buy for this ....if your cabbage is out of your garden or a neighbor's or you buy it organic, then it will have natural lacto-bacillus bacteria on it which will start it naturally.  I will bring some of my own for tastes.

My fee is $30  which will cover gas and traveling.   I would prefer daytime appointments, but an evening would do.    801-765-4645     or

You will need to provide for yourself, and the others you invite will need to bring....
1. a head of cabbage, organic  white or purple
2. chopping board
3. good knife
4.  a pounding tool like a clean hammer or meat tenderizer
5.  a big plastic bowl
6.  one or two clean wide mouth quart jars or one big 2 quart jar
7.  some pink, Redmond Real Salt
8.  maybe an apron

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