Monday, November 5, 2012

"Starter Pancakes"; Digestible, Eatable Bread

This post is for those who have a sourdough or natural yeast starter that you are feeding regularly and making sourdough bread once in a while and perhaps your family will not eat whole grain sourdough bread cause it tastes "yucky" or sour.   Here is a solution; fry up pancakes made with the starter, the excess starter as you are feeding it.

 Wheat flour has some serious digestive problems that natural yeasts can mitigate if allowed to soak in a jar with water and yeast for several hours or days.   If you are using sourdough then you or someone you feed is having digestive problems with wheat.   This is a good solution even for those that are gluten intolerant but only if the gluten intolerant person has had some healing in the gut first by leaving all wheat products alone for a time.  Wheat starches are also a problem and the yeasts break them down as well.

1/2 cup sourdough whole grain starter  either wheat or spelt or combination
1  beaten egg
Real salt to taste
maybe a TBS of honey or agave
1/4 tsp. baking soda

Mix all this thoroughly, it will puff up when you add the babking soda then stir down and fry in hot fat such as butter, ghee or coconut oil.
I store them in the fridge and use as "bread" for husbands sandwiches.

The secret to making it not sour is the baking soda.  Soda "sweetens"  the sour.

Sourdough bread can also be made sweeter by using 1/2 tsp baking soda to the dough as you knead it before final rising.  It will puff up some but knead it a little before loaf forming and final rising and baking.

Another "sweetener" is to feed your starter often, at least twice a week or more and keep starter in the fridge. This slows down the action and it still bubbles in the cold but the taste is not quite so sour in the finished bread.

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