Monday, November 12, 2012

Turnip Ferment as Pickles

I think I have a new favorite!   Turnips! The lowly turnip as it turns out, makes a wonderful pickle ferment.
I bought some lovely turnips at the grocery store and decided to experiment with them.  I cut one of them up and used that in a ground turkey soup which was very good, and the rest I decided to ferment.   I had two
 1 liter  "pickl-it" jars free so I used those.  When I use the liter jars I use slightly less than 1 TBS salt ( that is my standard for quart jars)  2 tsp. plus some, salt for the brine for each jar.  The instructions that come with the "Pickl-it Jars" use the metric measurements like  "mls" or grams of salt and I figured that out in TBS and tsps.

I started with 7 med to large turnips and cut then in quarters then peeled the white peeling off but left a little bit of the purple.  I love color and figured that little bit of purple would be pretty.  Yes!   I was right, it did cast a slightly pink color to the liquid that I find very appealing.  I cut each turnip quarter into sticks and packed them into the jars.  I filled the jars with my "Prill" water and then poured that out and added 2 tsp. plus  Real Salt to make brine and poured that back in.  I filled the "air locks" with regular water and set them aside at room temp for 5 days.   There were enough lacto-bacillus on the turnips to start consuming the sugars from the turnip juice.  They bubbled away for 5 days...very active.   After 5 days I removed the "air locks" and put in the little red plugs that come with the jars and set them in the fridge for another week.  The cold slows down  the fermentation.   At the end of second week you can eat them or put all vegetables with brine in clean glass jars and tighten the lids, label and stick downstairs.   Same process I use for sauerkraut.
These are so good!

Pretty Pink!

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