Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blood Type A and O Pulse for Breakfast

A lot of the ingredients for blood type A pulse are neutral for Os, so formulating a pulse for A & O marriage is easy and tasty.

The grains are: Amaranth a tiny little round seed that is a + for both blood types, oats not whole or rolled but cut, basmati brown rice, and millet can be used also.  2 parts mixed grain to 1 part legumes, crushed.  One of my followers said she used  double  old pillow cases together and put the legumes in it and smashed with a hammer.  I haven't tried this but don't why it wouldn't work at least for a few batches of smashing.

Legumes are: Adzuki beans; little dark red beans popular in Japan that color the cooked pulse a dark grayish purple, and black eyed peas.  Both these legumes are + for both A and O.  

Combine dry foods and maybe some chia and flax seeds in the right ratios in a large container. 

 8 hours or more, before eating, combine 1/2 cup dry food with 1 2/3 cup water in a cooking pot.  Soak at least 8 hours or more (to reduce phytic acid) and then cook.  Start high and hot but watch and stir it for about 5 minutes.  Turn heat down to simmer and place lid but stir every few minutes so to get the bottom parts up and even.

 Add 1/2 tsp.  Real Salt and some coconut oil.  It takes about  1 hr 20-40 minutes.   Or....if you have a "wonder box" or thermal cooker, use that after cooking on stove for 1/2 hr.  Using a thermal box overnight works wonderfully.  In the morning  pulse is done, warm and tender.  If hot enough, add a beaten egg for more protein.  
Add some soaked/dried  walnuts ( + for all blood types), some raisins, butter or cream and honey and raw milk.  Power house of nutrition and perfect day starter.   

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