Friday, November 20, 2015

Breakfast Pulse for Blood Type B

My husband is a blood type B and their legume list is short and not agreeable to mine so I formulate, store and cook his separately.

Grains for Bs are millet and oats (both are +).  I may include quinoa and any kind of rice which are neutral.   2 parts grain to 1 part legume.  The really good legumes for Bs are navy, red kidney and lima or butter beans.  The limas and kidneys are too big to crush in my wondermill, but navy beans crush up nicely and so do split peas.  So, I use crushed navy beans and split peas (which are neutral) in B formulation. 

2 parts grain combination: millet, oats and rice  to  1 part legumes combination:  navy beans and split peas.  

I measure out 1/2 cup dry pulse into a small pot and cover with 1 2/3 cup water in the morning and let soak all day.  In the evening, I start to cook it starting off hot and stirring but turn it down to simmer with lid. 

 I cook for 1/2 hour, stir, add 1/2 tsp. Real Salt and some coconut oil then place the pot with lid in my homemade thermal cook box for the night.  In the morning he gets the pot out, takes what he wants for breakfast adds cream, honey and nuts or raisins.   

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